Redang and Perhentian Islands are two Paradise in Malaysia.

Two islands away from mass tourism and still retaining its authenticity.

Both of them are located at Kuala Terengganu.

Redang and Perhentian, which is better for a vacation?

This article will help you find the answer.


Both of Redang and Perhentian Islands area are in East Coast.

So they share the same weather and season among a year.

Redang and Perhentian Islands are closed from November to January each year.


Most tourist in Redang are local Malaysian plus a few Chinese tourists.

Not many Western tourists visit Redang.

As for Perhentian, you could see a lot of western tourists there, especially backpackers.

You could buy Redang or Perhentian room or packages includes activities, such as 3d2n Snorkeling package or Diving packages.

 tourists sitting around small tables with candlelight and chilling on perhentian isalnd beach at nights


Redang is lively and noisy at night.

You could hear loud music or live bands; people hanging outside, talking and chatting at bars.

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Nightlife in Perhentian’s is slightly quieter.

Everything closes early around 9 or 10 pm. So, eat before that time.

A few bars remain open till 3 am serve drinks.

There is night party along the beach at weekends and holidays.

So, you won’t be bored at night but I suggest you go to bed early, wake up early and sulk in the nature as much as possible the next day.

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Redang island is quite small, you can walk through whole island by your foot.

You could see almost every resort on beach by walking around Redang island.

Perhentian island is a lot bigger than Redang.

It has two main islands– Perhentian Besar and Kecil.

You have to take water taxi travel between Besar and Kecil.

a man kayaking on clear water of perhentian island

Some resorts in Perhentian are located on hills, so there’s some distance between resorts.

You can hardly visit your friends who stay in a different resort in Perhentian.


Transporting Methods to Redang and Perhentian are quite similar.

However, their arrival airports are different.

Redang arrival airport is Kuala Terengganu Airport (TGG);

Perhentian arrival airport is Kota Bharu Airport (KBR).

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Redang island has 2 jetties, Shah Bandar Jetty and Merang Jetty.

Perhentian island is only accessible through Kuala Besut Jetty.

woman snorkeling and posing with turtle in perhentian sea


You will go Redang by ferry. (except Redang Pelangi Resort)

Redang ferry is big, it could carry 200 passengers at least.

It takes one and half hour to reach Redang.

Ferry has air condition and fixed schedule

As for Perhentian, you will go Perhentian by speedboat.

Speedboat is fast, small and with open air.

It operates with flexible schedule, and you will reach Perhentian in 45 minutes.

Snorkeling Points 

Perhentian has plenty snorkeling points.

You could snorkeling at Perhentian island, Rawa island,  Redang island and Lang Tengah island.

Perhentian is more suitable for those who love water activities, eg. snorkeling and sea explorer.

Redang snorkeling trip have fixed and less snorkeling points: Redang sea area and Marine park.

Redang island is for people who want a little snorkeling and more relaxing.

empty plastic tables and chairs besides fence on beach of perhentian island


Redang island is more comfortable, developed and commercial.

You will have more refined experience in Redang.

Perhentian island is more of natural and pristine activities.

It is surrounded by a luscious jungle, you could have some jungle trekking besides water activities.

Because Perhentian is very large, so the environment is highly affected by which resort you stay.


Most Redang resorts package prices are in middle range.

There’s no very cheap backpacker’s dorm or extremely luxury high-end resorts.

All rooms have basic facilities and air conditioning.

Perhentian resorts have bigger price difference.

You could find budget backpacker dorm with fan,

and also very private fancy luxurious resorts in Perhentian.

couple standing at perhentian beach watching purple sunset


If you want to have a half day or one day tour around jetties, there’s KT Chinatown near Redang jetty;

For Perhentian island, you could visit Thailand border, have a one day tour in Thailand; or visit KB Mall and Aeon Mall in KB town.


Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang are hidden gems in South East Asia.

In Redang, you will have a more delicate and refined experience in a small island;

In Perhentian, you will have a rather natural experience and have more snorkeling spots to visit.

They both worth a good visit!

people diving underwater observing orange coral in perhentian sea

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Redang or Perhentian, which island do you prefer?

Comment us why you like it!