Pulau Perhentian is a really relaxing and beautiful island in Terengganu.

There’s clear sea water, no crowded tourists and very affordable package price.

The sky and the crystal clear sea is such a blessing for eyes.

This article explains several interesting activities you could enjoy in Perhentian.

1. Snorkeling 

You could buy a Perhentian snorkeling package for 3D2N or 4D3N.

Perhentian Island has rich marine life.

​​The most popular snorkeling spots are shark point and turtle point.

If you’re lucky you will come across a harmless reef shark, or a chance to find turtles and see how far you can swim with them.

You would enjoy snorkeling in Perhentian very much. 

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tourists of kapas coral beach resort snorkeling in kapas sea water with plenty of fishes

2. Diving

The water in Perhentian is extremely clean, it has good vibes for backpacker especially diver.

You could dive and explore the rich marine life up close.

Perhentian has one of the best underwater spots in west Malaysia.

You can check out the amazing colorful coral as well as a plethora of exotic fish.

For non-divers, you can take a discovery scuba diving or PADI OWC course to have a diving certificate.

people diving in perhentian island

3. Jungle Trekking

Perhentian is surrounded by a luscious jungle, it’s the perfect place to sweep your burdens under the rug and just chill.

Discover lush foliage and interesting wildlife as you hike along woodlands.

If you want to feel the scenery of nature, you must not miss this activity.

4. Wildlife

You can see monkeys, lizards, turtles, sharks in Perhentian sea and jungles.

Visitors can also volunteer in turtle conservation programs.

You will get unique access to the areas where turtles come to lay eggs.

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orange empty kayak resting on perhentian island beach

5.Visit the Windmill Hill

It is the highest part of the Perhentian island.

You can see the panoramic view of the Perhentian Besar and Kecil from the top.

Method 1

You can take the water taxi to arrive windmill hill, after that take the stairs to the top of the hill.

Method 2 

From the path next to the Bubu Resort in Long Beach, there will have a wall with directions written ‘Windmill Hill’.

Follow the directions and walk to the top of the hill, it will take about 25 minutes.

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three women sitting on tenggol island beach next to campfire at night

6. Nightlife

Night life in Perhentian is also nice, where you can watch one of those fire shows or just chill at a cafe having coffee or smoking shisha.

At night time, you could gaze at the constellations as well.

7. Kayaking

​Rental generally cost is below RM 100 per person.

You will enjoy the sea creatures surrounded by the sea and exploring more shorelines that we can’t reach by foot.

three tourists playing banana boat on kapas island sea water


Perhentian is a beautiful Islands full of amazing animals and fun activities.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are most popular activities in Perhentian.

You could hike through the jungle or take the boat to other beaches.

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