Pulau Perhentian is an amazing island with excellent snorkeling and diving spots.

It is a perfect island to have a relaxing vacation.

This article explains when is the best time to visit Perhentian island.

MonthIsland Weather
JanuaryIsland Closed
NovemberIsland Closed
DecemberIsland Closed

Best Season: July to September  

It’s the best time to visit Perhentian island.

Perhentian island is a paradise in this season. It has incredibly breathtaking view.

The scenic view, the seafood, snorkeling are awesome, especially sunshine.

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It’s ideal for families going on vacation in Perhentian at this season.

If you are planning to travel to Perhentian in this season, please book Perhentian Resorts earlier (4-8 weeks in advance).

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woman in swim suit standing beside volleyball net on perhentian island beach

Peak Season: April to June

The sea water in Perhentian is still super crystal clear from April to June.

That’s good for snorkeling and diving.

Fish come till your feet and you can float in the calm water for hours.

It is the second best season to travel Perhentian.

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Green Season: February to March & October

Green season is suitable for budget backpackers.

There’s still got crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and blue sky.

It may rains some days. But it only last for few hours.

The price of Perhentian package is slightly lower in this season.

There are fewer tourists on February and October, so you will enjoy a quieter and more relaxing vacation in Perhentian.

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wooden bridge at jetty above clear sea in pulau perhentian kecil island

Closed: November to January

Perhentian island is closed in Monsoon season.

The waves are huge.

It’s not suitable to have snorkeling and diving activities in this season.

It is considered as rainy season, when most Perhentian resorts are closed.

Those planning to visit Perhentian should avoid this season.

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Other Islands Options

During the Monsoon period, most islands in east coast of Malaysia are closed, such as Redang Island, Perhentian Island, Lang Tengah, Kapas Island.

If you want to have a short island trip during November to January (Monsoon Season),

you could consider islands in Sabah, Indonesia or Thailand.

Popular options are Semporna, Lombok, Koh Lipe.


Perhentian island provides an awesome environment for relaxing your mind body and soul.

April to September is the best season in Perhentian.

There are great snorkeling and diving areas with fabulous conservation of marine life.

February to March or October is acceptable too.

Weather is still great, sunny and warm.

Avoid visiting Perhenitan on November to January, because it is closed.

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perhentian island jetty with colorful fence

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