Redang is a beautiful island, which is great for snorkeling and diving!

The most popular beach of Redang island is the Long Beach. 

Here are some popular Redang Resorts located on Long Beach.

1. Low Range ( RM 300+ per person)

2. Mid Range ( RM 400+ per person)

3. High Range ( RM 500+ per person)

1. Redang Bay Resort

redang bay resort quad room interior with two queen beds

Redang Bay Resort is a 3-star resort.

It provides Free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

Swimming pool is available.

All accommodations are garden view.

Redang Bay Resort is one of the few resorts that has bar and live band.

It is Very lively at night.

The resort was spacious and many common area to hang around.

The location is also strategic.

It is located at the middle of long beach.

You can sit at the resort’s common area and view the beach as you eat, drink and talk with your friends and family.

It is also close enough to just get out of your room and walk straight to the beach.

2. Redang Pelangi Resort

redang pelangi resort quad room with balcony

Redang Pelangi Resort is a 2-star resort.

All accommodations are garden view.

Their rooms are clean, simple and clean.

Food servings, choices, and portions were very satisfying.

It has perfect location right in the middle of the main beach

Redang Pelangi Resort‘s bar is lively at night, Bistro pizza and smoothies are recommended.

3. Redang Laguna Resort

laguna redang resort pool view room

Redang Laguna Resort is a 4-star resort.

Swimming pool, spa are available in the resort.

It has luxurious accommodation.

The room is clean, spacious and very comfortable.

Their buffet is local Malaysian food, they are delicious and varies.

The choices are plenty and they switch the menu every meal, so you won’t get bored.

All staff very helpful and polite.

They have own ferry so no need to rush and they even took care of your luggage.

They keep their pool water warm, that is very thoughtful.

Redang Laguna Resort is declared as a 4 star hotel, however they provide service beyond that level.

It is One of the best resort in Redang.

4. Redang Beach Resort

redang beach resort villa room

Redang Beach Resort is a 3-star resort.

Swimming pool available in the resort.

It has simple style accommodation comes with air conditioning.

​The location is great, resort at the  middle of Redang long beach.

You’ll get all kinds of view.

Room and bed are very comfortable, clean, and functional.

It has  nice and clean resort environment.

Redang Beach Resort’s staff is friendly.

They have Good taste of meals.

5. Redang Reef Resort

redang reef resort room with balcony

Redang Reef Resort has simple style accommodation comes with air conditioning.

​The resort was at the corner of the coastal line  .

It’s on a rocky peninsular next to one of the main beaches.

It has nice room with surreal view.

Hospitality is very good, Redang Reef Resort’s staff is friendly.

The food is good. Four meals per day, and it is free flow.

It’s dining area was built on top of rocks, it has very nice open and covered dining area.

Compared to other resorts, the nightlife of the resort was chill and calm without loud music blasting.

Their promotion package is worth it.

6. Redang Sari Pacifica Resort

redang sari pacifica resort room

Redang Sari Pacifica Resort is a 3-star resort.

Swimming pool, spa, sauna are available in the resort.

Accommodations are country and seafront view.

Room and toilet are very clean, comfortable and spacious!

It has nice balcony with drying rack.

Redang Sari Pacifica Resort  has amazing view.

This side of the beach is less crowded.

They put line of resorts along the coastline, so you have the beach and sand all to yourself.

They have ping pong and pool table at the lobby.

The swimming pool is big and covered with coconut trees.

7. Redang Holiday Beach Villa

redang holiday beach villa resort quad room

Redang Holiday Beach Villa is a 3-star resort.

Swimming pool is available in the resort.

Redang Holiday Beach Villa has seaview bungalow.

Resort located at the end of the beach and away from the busy area of the island.

The rooms are basic. The food is fairly acceptable.

The hill view and sea sight is great.

The view of the rocks and the cliffs at the back of the resort is magnificent especially to catch sunrise.

8. Redang Coral Resort

redang coral resort seafront chalet

Redang Coral Resort is a 3-star resort.

Swimming pool is available in the resort.

It’s a calm and peaceful, the beach is not so crowded.

It is located in a more quiet corner of Redang’s long beach.

It’s on the best part of the beach where the sand is much powdery and whiter!

Redang Coral Resort offer decent buffet meals, with clean rooms and all the basic necessities you would expect.

They have brilliant service; friendly helpful staff.

This resort is quite privacy for the guest.

You can watch sunrise from the lobby or in front of the hotel.


The above are popular Redang resorts which located in Long Beach.

Remember to search all the reviews or photos of the resort before you choose it.

And always buy Redang package from reliable Legit Redang Travel Agency.

And I’m sure you will get the best resort for your Redang Trip!

redang island clear seawater with trees at distance

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Redang Bay Resort

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Have you been Redang before?

Which one is your favorite Redang resort?

Comment and tell us why!