On Genting Dream Cruise, you get free meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks at different places on the ship.

The main restaurants in Genting Dream Cruise have diverse menus that suit different tastes and dietary needs.

There are complimentary restaurant, in which meals are included in your cruise ticket.

Also there are special restaurants need extra cost, if you are looking for some exquisite meals.

This article will introduce you the restaurants and food in Genting Dream Cruise.

genting dream cruise asian menu food

Halal Restaurant

The Genting Dream cruise ship is not the first to offer halal food, but it’s the first one with a kitchen that is internationally certified as halal-friendly.

This certification follows the standards set by OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) and SMIIC (The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries).

Among all restaurants in Genting Dream Cruise, The Lido buffet restaurant is Halal.

genting dream cruise the lido halal cert

Complimentary Restaurants

There are 4 inclusive restaurants in Genting Dream you can eat for free in. They are:

  • Dream Dining Room – Upper Deck (Chinese)
  • Dream Dining Room – Lower Deck (Asian & Western)
  • The Lido (Asian & International Buffet)
  • The Lido Outdoor Snack Corner

Lido Restaurant serves more varieties of food with buffet style while Dream Dining Room serves Chinese or Western set cuisine.

genting dream cruise western restaurant

Dream Dining Room – Lower Deck (Asian & Western)

Dream Dining Room Lower is a free restaurant open for breakfast (6-9 am), lunch (12 noon – 2 pm), and dinner (5-8 pm).

You can enjoy a variety of Asian and international dishes in a beautiful ballroom with big windows that let you see the amazing ocean views.

At Dream Dining (lower), you can have semi-buffet Western meals.

it’s similar to Dream Dining Room (DDR) – Upper Deck, where you can choose from a menu or ask for everything on the menu.

For the main course, you have three choices: pan-fried fish fillet, honey-glazed chicken, and slow-cooked pork collar.

Dream Dining Room Lower Opening HoursDescription
Breakfast0630 - 0930International Buffet
Lunch1130 - 1430Western Semi Buffet
Dinner1700 - 2100Western Semi Buffet


genting dream cruise western food dream dining

Dream Dining Room – Upper Deck (Chinese)

The Genting Dining Room, also known as Dream Dining Room Upper, is a free restaurant with 370 seats.

It’s open for breakfast (7-10 am), lunch (12 noon – 2 pm), and dinner (5-8 pm).

They always have Chinese dishes and vegetarian options.

At Dream Dining Room Upper, you get to enjoy Chinese set meals in a beautiful ballroom with big windows offering breathtaking ocean views.

genting dream cruise chinese restaurant food

When you are seated, waiter will ask if you want everything on the menu.

After you decide, they will serve the appetizer, soup, and main course a bit later.

They have Chinese dishes and vegetarian options. The menu changes every day.

If you want, you can pay extra for special dishes like shark’s fin and abalone.

You can also choose from a variety of brandy at dinner.

Dream Dining Room Upper Opening HoursDescription
Breakfast0630 - 0930Chinese Set Menu
Lunch1130 - 1400Chinese Set Menu
Dinner1700 - 2030Chinese Set Menu

genting dream cruise chinese dream dining room

The Lido (International Buffet)

The Lido is the free buffet restaurant on the Genting Dream cruise.

On Deck 16 The Lido,  you can have a buffet with a lot of international foods.

It’s in a place that has both indoor and outdoor seating, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Lido offer a wide variety of international cuisines, and you can also find vegetarian and Jain food options too.

The Lido Opening HoursDescription
Breakfast0700 - 1000International & Halal Cuisine
Lunch1200 - 1430International & Halal Cuisine
Dinner1800 - 2200International & Halal Cuisine


genting dream cruise the lido international buffet

Lido Outdoor Snack Corner

At the Lido Outdoor Snack Corner on the Genting Dream cruise, you can find Halal and Indian Vegetarian options in the buffet.

This snack corner is the spot to relax and grab some free snacks.

It’s right outside The Lido.

While the food and drink choices aren’t extensive, they’re enough for a quick snack.

You can enjoy fried beehoon, french fries, sausage, and samosas.

For drinks, they have coffee, tea, water, and juices, similar to The Lido.

The cool thing is, there’s no limit to how many times you can visit in a day.

It’s open 24/7, so if you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you can still get free food.

The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner Opening HoursDescription
Morning1000 - 1130Light snacks
Afternoon1430 - 1700Light snacks
Night2200 - 0200Light snacks

genting dream cruise dream dining chinese


Genting Dream Cruise has awesome restaurants with really good food, from Asian to Western dishes.

There are three main restaurants: Lido Restaurant and the two Dream Dining Room restaurants.

Lido Restaurant has a big variety with a buffet setup, while the Dream Dining Room places serve either Chinese or international set meals.

Each restaurant has its own good things and not-so-good things.

To have a great experience, you can try different restaurants for each meal.

That way, you get a taste of everything they have to offer!

genting dream cruise the lido buffet