When we travel to an island, what things will we need to bring? Let’s check out the list.

#1 Sunblock Lotion

plenty kinds of after sun getl and sun blocks on the table

You must have strong water resistant sunblock lotion for your Perhentian trip.

And at least 50+ SPF to avoid get burnt.

#2 Swimsuit

ginger sun top and short pants jeans and jasper colored slippers

It must pack in your travel bag.

Swimsuit is quick necessary in Perhentian island trip and fashionable.

#3 Waterproof Bag

green transparent bag and yellow slippers

Use it when snorkeling trip or get into the Perhentian island.

It keeps your phone and camera dry.

#4 Insect Repellent Spray

different kinds of insect repellents for redang island trip

Perhentian island trip always have annoying insects and sand fly.

Pack it in your travel bag to keep them away.

#5 Sunglasses

a boy and a girl wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses protects your eyes from sun rays.

And it’s a good tool to take chic pictures.

#6 Sun Hat

straw hat white top and nude sandal for island trip

Sun hats are great for vacation. It’s breathable and comfortable.

Pack a stylish brimmed beach sun hat in your Perhentian travel bag.

#7 Camera

waterproof phone case used for taking photos underwater for redang island trip

To take a nice sea view photos.

Have wonderful memories with your family or your love.

#8 Sneaker

yellow white and black sports shoes

Let’s grab a pair of sneakers to trek through jungle paths in Perhentian!

Prepare yourself an open stunning views of the water along the way.


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What is your pack list when travelling to an island?

List it out and share with us in the comment!