Perhentian is one of the most beautiful island in Malaysia.

There are all kinds of resorts on the Pulau Perhentian island, from budgeted to luxurious.

The food and resorts are not the best but they are authentic and affordable.

This article will discuss 10 popular resorts in Perhentian island in details.

Perhentian Besar and Kecil

Perhentian consists two islands, Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar. 

Perhentian Besar has more of a backpacking scene,

while Perhentian Kecil is a little more upscale and private.

You can take speedboat to travel between Kecil and Besar. 

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man sitting on resort outdoor sofa on a hill overlook beautiful seaview of perhentian sea

Perhentian Resort

1. Low Range ( RM 300+ per person)

2. Mid Range (RM 400+ per person)

3. High Range (RM 800+ per person)

1. Barat Perhentian Resort

barat perhentian resort superior family chalet with two double beds

Resort location is scenic.

It is in Perhentian Besar.

It’s right in front of the jetty, very accessible to snorkeling and diving activities.

The beach in front of Barat Perhentian Resort and surrounding area are really clean.

They have good service and friendly staff.

Rooms are clean and spacious.

Food are always served fresh. Their menu for all 3 meals are good and in big portion.

It’s one of the best resorts on the Perhentian island.

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 2. Perhentian Coral View Resort

perhentian coral view resort family suite sea garden view

It has nice location, about 5 minute walk from jetty to the hotel.

It is in Perhentian Besar Island.

Perhentian Coral View Resort is in natural calm environment and quite private area.

Facilities are all look new.

The food is good.

The staffs there are friendly and helpful.

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3. Flora Bay Resort

chalet exterior of flora bay resort in pulau perhentian besar island

Chalet style and located at Perhentian Besar.

All rooms with wooden flooring.

Accommodation comes with fan or air conditioning.

Flora Bay Resort has decent rooms and facilities, delicious food and wide area of dining.

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4. Perhentian Island Resort

premier garden chalet in perhentian island resort at pulau perhentian besar island

Modern style accommodation. It is at Perhentian Besar Island.

There are free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

Rooms are comfortable, clean, tidy and has good warm shower.

Perhentian Island Resort has a beach area right in front of it, which is private and beautiful.

Sea water is crystal clear.

You can snorkel or swim right in front of the resort.

Foods are served in buffet style, they are delicious and have a lot of options.

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5. Perhentian Cozy Chalet

pulau perhentian besar cozy chalet resort deluxe seaview chalet

The location is perfect and close to the beach.

It is at Perhentian Besar Island.

Deluxe chalet on the hill must be reached by stairs, but the sea view is very stuning.

The service is very attentive and friendly.

The chalet in Cozy Chalet had awesome view and nearby the beach.

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6. Arwana Perhentian Resort

modern decorated family deluxe room in arwana perhentian resort at perhentian besar island

Simple style accommodation, is located at Perhentian Besar Island.

Each room has garden or swimming pool views.

The room is comfortable, basic and new.

Arwana Perhentian Resort staff are polite and attentive.

The environment is quiet and calm.

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7. Fauna Chalet

pulau perhentian besar island fauna chalet garden

Garden view accommodation comes with fan or air conditioning.

Fauna Chalet is at Perhentian Besar Island.

Resort staff are friendly.

It is more suitable for tourists with limited budgets and backpackers.

They have Decent room and basic facilities.

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8. Perhentian Sharila Resort

wooden room interior with two double beds in sharila resort on pulau perhentian kecil island

The resort is near to the jetty, and it is at Perhentian Kecil Island.

Resort has children’s pool and other basic facilities.

It has nice view from Perhentian Sharila Resort‘s room.

The buffet food has plenty choices.

It’s about 10 minutes walk to long beach.

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9. Ombak Dive Resort

perhentian kecil ombak dive resort beach front with outdoor sofas, tea tables and sunbathing deck chairs

The resort is located right next to beach of Perhentian Kecil Island.

The room is clean, with all the basic amenities given.

Atmosphere here is peaceful and friendly.

 Ombak Dive Resort staff provides excellent service.

On certain nights, there are fire dancing shows and movie screenings.

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10. Mimpi Resort

mimpi resort pulau perhentian kecil hill view superior room interior

The hotel is very close to the jetty in Perhentian Kecil Island.

It is newly built in 2018 and has modern style accommodation.

Swimming pools, spa, sauna are available in the resort.

All rooms in Perhentian Mimpi Resort are luxurious and fully equipped, room is comfortable and clean.

They have nightlife entertainment with live band or fire show.

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Perhentian island boasts a wide stretch of powdery white beach, and a variety of selection of great resorts.

You can always find the best resort meet your expectations in Perhentian.

The place is so quite and peaceful.

Travel to Perhentian and have your best weekends over here! 

perhentian island blue sea behind green foliage

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