There are several different kinds of packages of Redang Island.

Snorkeling Packages, Diving Packages, Honeymoon Packages, Early Bird or Year End Packages, and Room with Breakfast Package .

Let’s see what are they included and find out which type of Redang Package is best for you.

Snorkeling Package 

Redang Snorkeling Package is the most popular Redang Package.

As long as you are comfortable with sea water, you can take it.

You do not have to master in swimming, because the life jacket will keep you safe.

You will stay above the surface of sea water all the time when doing snorkeling. 

Popular Redang Snorkeling Package Length is either 3 Days 2 Nights or 4 Days 3 Nights.

Snorkeling is best for watching fishes and turtles in Redang, especially in Redang Island Marine Park.

If you want to Know Redang Packages in 5 minutes,

Below are the things Redang Snorkeling Package included:

  • Accommodation in Redang Resorts
  • 2 way Ferry Ticket between ShahBandar Jetty and Redang Island
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • 3 Snorkeling Trips

tourists sitting on running speedboat to snorkeling points in pulau redang

Diving Package

Almost all Resorts in Redang provide Diving Packages.

For Pulau Redang Diving package, it has some requirements for traveler.

Diving package has 3 categories:

1.Scuba Diving Package

2.Open Water Course Package

3.Normal Diving Package

Same as all other Packages in Redang, you need to arrive Redang Ferry Jetty yourself.

There are 3 Transporting Methods to Get to Redang Jetty.

Take a Flights to Redang Island is most time-saving method.

  • Accommodation in Redang Resorts
  • 2 way Ferry Ticket between ShahBandar Jetty and Redang Island
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Several Diving Trips

1.Scuba Diving

Redang Scuba diving is for people without a diving license.

You could experience diving together with diving coach.

You do not need any experience of diving.

After some basic training, you can dive.

Coaches will dive beside you the whole time, they would help you instantly.

three people snorkeling at redang island clear seawater besides reef

2.Open Water Course

Redang Open Water Course is for people who wish to get a diving license in Redang.

It is a course package.

You will have some Video & Theory classes, Underwater Skill Learning, and Theory Exam.

Once you pass all the exams, you will get a  PADI Diving License after this course.

From then on, you will be a Licensed Diver.

Redang Open Water Course Package has to be at least to spend 4 days 3 nights in Pulau Redang.

3.Normal Diving Package

Normal Diving package is for people who already have a diving license.

You will dive several times in Redang. 

Diving buddies and coach will dive together to assist you.

If  you are travelling in Redang Best Season, and the weather is perfect you will get to Diving with great beautiful natural feel.

In One Words,

Scuba diving is for newbies who wants to experience diving.

Open water course for people who want to get a diving license.

The Normal Diving package is exclusive for licensed divers.

redang laguna resort front garden with resort name board on grass

Other Packages

1.Honeymoon Package

You can get a honeymoon package in Redang.

It includes everything in a normal package.

Plus, it has extra items, such as decoration of your room in Redang Resort, fruit basket, cake, candle dinner at the beach and etc.

We visited Pualu Redang for our honeymoon and it was marvelous.

We swan with turtles, saw coral and walked across beautiful powder white beaches.

It is a very good experience.

2.Early Bird and Year End Promotion Package

March, September, and October are Green Season of Redang.

Redang rains in these months sometimes.

Redang package price is lower in these months.

Early bird price is applicable if you go Redang Island in March.

Year end price is applicable if you go Redang Island in September and October.

It’s suits for people who want to get Redang package at lower price.

underwater shot of many tropical little fishes in redang sea clear water

3. Room with Breakfast Package

This package is especially for people who are not interested in any snorkeling or water activities.

if you go Pulau Redang just for a relaxing trip,

for a tropical night with cool sea winds,

for a romantic beach walk with the loved one;

No water activities is your preference,

you could take Redang Room and Breakfast Package.

It is a very basic package, you can pay anything else at the Redang Resort later.


Most of people go Pulau Redang take Snorkeling Packages.

Diving fans could choose Redang Diving Package between Scuba Diving Package, Open Water Course, and Normal Diving Package.

Couples having special event could get Redang Honeymoon Package.

If you have lower budget, Redang Early bird and Year End Promotion, or Redang Room With Breakfast Package will be best for you.

a line of plenty big straw umbrellas on redang island beach access

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Which Redang Package have you taken before?

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