For Redang island trip, most people would plan to stay for 3 days to 4 days.

How many staying days is ideal for a Redang Island trip?

“How many days are you going to stay in Redang?”

This is question you must consider when you Plan a Redang Trip in 6 Stpes.

4D3N or 3D2N ? or even more days?

 3D2N and 4D3N Packages Included

Redang 3D2N Snorkeling Package includes

  • 2 way Boat transfer from Jetty to Redang Resort,
  • 2 Nights accommodation,
  • 3 meals per day, 1 afternoon tea break,
  • 3 snorkeling trips including visit to Redang Marine Park.

If 4D3N, there will be extra 1 night stay, meals for the extension 1 day, and 2 more snorkeling trips.

If you want to have other activities like Diving, or you don’t want any water activities at all, you could always take other Types of Redang Packages.

There are some other Details about Redang Package you should know.

In Redang Best Seasons, many amazing spots and activities are waiting for you to explore!

3D2N Pros

3 days 2 nights (3D2N) is an ideal duration for a short getaway.

If you choose to go to Redang on weekends, 

you only need to take 1 day leave from study or work.

The price is cheaper than the 4D3N Redang trip as well.

people snorkeling in clear seawater of pulau redang with turtle

3D2N Cons

Honestly, 3D2N Redang trip is very hasty.

If you know How to Get to Redang Island, You will know it takes half day to get to Terengganu first.

The fastest way is to take Flights to Redang Island.

Bus or car takes you even longer time.

Then one and half hour to get into Pulau Redang by ferry from ShahBandar or Merang Jetty.

Resort Check in time in day one is 2pm.

Check out time at last day is 9am.

So the time you actually get to stay in Redang is only one and a half day.

It is a very short time since transportation is already one and half day itself.


All Resorts in Redang have both 4D3N and 3D2N Snorkeling and Diving Packages.

That’s one of the reasons Why People Love Visiting Redang Island.

Redang 3D2N package is good if you are looking for a short, time-saving and economic getaway.

 However, if you have higher budget, 

Redang 4D3N package is definitely a better choice.

You will have more time to appreciate these spectacular views of sea scenery.

Redang Island with the beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, crystal clear sea water.

Last but not least, always buy from a Legit Reliable Redang Package Seller.

That secures your money and Redang Vacation!

redang island wooden bridge above clear sea

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Do you prefer 3D2N trip or 4D3N trip  in Redang?

Comment and share us your insights!