Redang Island Package  

There are many sellers of Redang Packages.

How to buy Redang Package at a cheap price from a reliable seller?

Here are the tips to make a wise Redang trip Purchase.

Where to buy Redang package? 

There are 2 ways for you to purchase a Redang package trip. 

One is from Redang island Hotel Itself, 

the other one is from a Reliable Legit Travel Agency.

Method #1: Buy From Redang Resort Itself

You search online to find some Popular Redang island Resorts,

and then choose one Redang Resort with good review and suitable price.

then choose a Package among 3 Types of Redang Packages , such as Redang Snorkeling Package or Redang Diving Package.

The pros:

This method is safe. 

If you are not sensible about the price,

buying from the official resort website is most recommended.

The cons:

1. Resort’s reply could be slow.

In Redang Good Seasons,  resort’s own staff is very shorthanded.

They are already quite busy and occupied to deal with checked in customers.

sunny pulau redang beach palm tree and blue seawater


2. Some Redang hotel has no customer service staff to explain everything to you in detail.

They can’t answer all your questions, like How To Go Redang From KL?  or Which flight should you take to Redang?

It takes a long time for you to understand everything.

You need to search online yourself.

3. If the resort you want is fully booked,

you need to do research on other Redang Resorts all over again.

It’s frustrated and time wasting.

4. Resorts’ own price is not competitive.

especially when big travel companies having offers or promotions,

You might pay higher price if buy from resort itself.

Pulau Redang Long Beach

Method #2 Buy From Travel Agency

Redang Travel Agencies sell many Different Types of Redang Packages

from cheap one to expensive one.


1. You get to see the price difference in many

Redang hotels, and compare them horizontally.

You get to know more about pros and cons of each Redang resort,

such as resort’s own Ferry Schedule, location, food, rooms cleanliness, price, reviews, etc.

woman standing in front of Pulau Redang More More Tea Souvenir store


2.You are more likely to find the best redang resort suits your budget and liking.

Once you give them your requirement, they will advise you.

They will help you choose staying in Redang for 4D3N or 3D2N?

It saves your time and energy to search yourself.

3.You will have a good customer service experience.

Travel company staffs are familiar of customer’s questions and needs.

Customer service staff is responsive and patient.

They reply to you faster.

4. Big experienced travel company provides clear booking procedures.

They provide very detailed information for you, 

about travel method, transport, and booking and everything.

Pulau Redang Laguna Resort breakfast seaview from resort restaurant


5. If your preferred resort has been sold out, 

they could suggest another available Redang hotel for you instantly.


If you are not careful enough,

you might be cheated by scammers who pretend to be legit travel agency .

Some  individuals pretend to be “travel agency”,

make post with appealing package price in Facebook, Instagram, etc.

and run away with travelers’ money.

In fact, they own no official travel licences,

and have no authority to sell such travel packages.

For more details, see our step by step guide on How to Know a Redang Package Seller is Legit.

Redang More More Tea Souvenir Store


Both resort and travel agencies offer good Redang Packages.

Make sure to buy from a Licensed Authorized travel agency.

During promotion, Redang package price could be really low.

You’d better collect redang quotations from as many travel agencies as possible.

Wish you find the best Redang package price for your next trip!

Good Luck!

Redang island long beach sand and blue seawater

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How did you buy your Redang trip before?

Comment us if you have anything to share!