People love Redang for its clear water and sandy beach.

Below are some fun facts about Pulau Redang package.

Screw down and See if you know about them already!

1. Redang Package Price is Counted by Person

Redang package is different from normal island package.

Redang 3d2n Snorkeling Package includes 2 way ferry ticket,

3 days 2 night accommodation, all meals within these 3 days,

and several snorkeling trips.

It is a bundle of things packed together for 1 person.

And this package price per person is different between different room types in one same Redang resort.

If you are looking for cheap Redang package, you could refer 2 Ways to Buy Cheap Redang Package.

2.“Redang Package Included” are Similar

Redang package is similar in different Redang Resorts.

The most basic and popular Redang Package is

3D2N Redang Snorkeling Package.

You could get everything necessary in 1 package.

Include accommodation, meals, boat transfer and snorkeling trip.

It’s very convenient and easy.

Plus, you could compare prices between different hotels easily.

coconut palm trees and green grass in the garden of laguna redang resort

3.Price is Different on Different Days

Redang package prices are different on Weekday,

weekend,  school and public holiday.

 The price is lowest on weekdays,

and highest on public holidays. 

Also, Price of Redang package is higher in Redang Best Season.

4.Redang Pacakge Price Varies Based on Age of Child

Redang package has different prices for 3 groups of people:

1) Adult

2) Children 

3) Infant

Adult price is for people above 12 years old.

4 years old to 12 years old is regarded as child.

Infant is for baby below 3 years old.

Confirm the quantity and age of each your travelling buddy is the first Steps of Planning a Redang Trip.

5. Guest Has to Submit IC Number and Full Name 

Every traveler has to provide their personal details.

Redang Resorts need to collect these information to reserve your ferry ticket before your trip.

So it’s important to Choose A Legit Redang Travel Agency to keep your personal information secure and safe.

a women wearing straw hat standing on redang island seaside under blue cloudless sky

6. Marine Park Ticket is a Must Pay

Redang Island Marine Park is a must visit spot in Redang. 

Marine Park ticket is imposed by government.

Government charges an entrance ticket for

RM5 per person for visiting it

It is a protected marine area where you can

see all kinds of colorful fishes when snorkeling.

Every one enters Redang Island must pay it.

7. All Meals are Provided by Staying Redang Resort 

Choose one Redang hotel means choose their restaurant.

Your staying redang hotel is the sole food provider

for you during your whole time staying in Redang Island.

Better Redang Hotel means meals with higher standard and more choices.

So remember to search the food reviews of the List of Popular Redang Resorts.

8. All Resorts are Near to Redang Beach

All Redang Hotels are in walking distance to beach.

Normally, the more expensive of the room type,

the closer from your room to beach.

You can walk through Redang Island Long Beach by foot.

I guess the lovely sandy beach is one of the reason Why Redang Island is So Popular.

a man sitting and chilling on a chair of Redang resort outdoor restaurant in evening

9. Foreigner needs pay more

Redang package price itself is the same everyone.

But non-Malaysian need to pay a bit more for

Tourism Tax and Marine Park Ticket.

Tourism tax is RM10 per room of foreigners stay.

Marine ticket is RM 5 per person for local,

RM 30 per person for non-Malaysian.

10. You Need a License to Dive in Redang

You need a valid diving certificate if you

want to book Redang Diving Package.

There are plenty of Different Kinds of Redang Packages available.

If you do not have diving license, but still want to experience diving,

You can take Scuba Diving Package to experience dive with diving coach,

or take a course in Redang to get a diving licence ( Redang Open Water Course Package).

blue crystal seawater and laguna redang resort buildings on the beach of pulau redang

11. You need to Reach Jetty yourself 

Redang island Packages include 2 way ferry tickets to and back between Redang Jetty and Redang island.

About transporting, you need to figure out yourself something like How To Go Redang from KL .

Remember to confirm with your Travel Agency about the ferry time, and make sure you get to jetty on time.

12. There are 2 Jetties of Redang

People could board Pulau Redang from  Two Redang Jetties .

If you want to take Speedboat, you need to depart from Merang Jetty.

If you want to take Public Ferry, you need to depart from Shahbandar Jetty.

Most resorts use Public ferry, such as Redang Bay ResortRedang Reef ResortRedang Beach Resort.

While  Redang Pelangi Resort only use speedboat.

And Redang Laguna Resort use its own smaller ferry.

Each Redang resort has its own boat schedule.

redang island seaview from balcony of redang taaras resort

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