“Everyone needs a friend that will call and say,

‘Get dressed, we are going to Redang.’

Do you want to have a perfect Redang trip but have no idea where to start?

No worries, follow a few steps below.

You will make a wonderful Redang trip plan within 10 minutes.

Travel with Whom? How Many People?

You need to confirm your travelling buddy first.

It can be your family, your partner, friends, classmates, workmates, or even just yourself.

Figure out how many rooms you need; Snorkeling Package or Diving Package do you prefer?

How Many Days in Redang?

Most people find 3- 4 days is most suitable for a Redang trip.

You could have a Redang package for 4 days 3 nights or 3 days 2 nights.

Not too hasty to relax your stressed mind, and not too long to get bored on the island.

It also takes some time transporting to and back from Kuala Terengganu.

There are Different Transporting Methods to Get To Redang Island.

If you are taking flight, go half day, back half day.

If you are taking bus or car, go one day, back one day.

sunny redang long beach with crystal blue green seawater

When Book Redang Resort?

Planning a Redang trip 1-2 weeks ahead is ideal.

Going Redang Island on weekdays is cheaper.

Plus You have a good chance to book your Flight to Redang Island at lower price.

If you want to visit Redang on Weekend, School holiday or even Public holiday,

You need to plan it even earlier.

Start planning this trip 4-8 weeks in advance is advisable.

On these dates, rooms in Popular Redang Resorts are rather limited.

Travelling Date to Redang?

Similar to PerhentianLang Tengah, Kapas and other islands in Terengganu,

Redang has “On and Off season” too.

You do not want to travel to Redang and stay indoors for 3 days because of rains or big waves.

It’s best to pick a sunny day in Redang Best Season.

back view of a woman standing at redang laguna resort garden looking at redang sea

How to Get to Redang? 

There are 2 jetties heading to Redang.

Shah bandar jetty and Merang jetty.

You need to get to Redang Jetty first, then take a ferry or speedboat to get into Pulau Redang .

Confirm which jetty you are departing beforehand.

Based on Redang Ferry Schedule,

The first ferry goes from jetty to Redang island at 9:00am.

So it’s best of you to reach Redang jetty at 7:00-8:00am.

Where to Stay in Redang?

Budgeted, mid-level or luxurious Redang Resort?

You could make a List of Popular Redang Resorts,

and find the one which meets your needs and budget.


After above steps, you will have a clear picture about your Redang trip.

Go book Redang package from a Legit Redang Package Seller and have fun in Redang!

I bet you will enjoy this trip very much!

palm tress and big umbrellas on redang island beach in a sunny day

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What is your procedure to plan a trip?

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