Travelling to an Redang Island  can be really relaxing.

But because most tropical islands are isolated,

so you better prepare yourself with all essentials you need.

Here is a list of what to pack for an Redang Island trip.

Essential #1: Food and Snacks

packed lemon biscuit and chocolate cookies snack

To save money, I like to bring some food and snacks from home.

It is so hard to find snack at reasonable price in those isolated island.

So prepare some yourself before arriving Redang Jetty.

I pack all kinds of food and snack, cup noodles, chocolate, protein bars, peanuts,

bread, chips, chocolate pie, cookies etc.

And i have never regret bringing them.

Essential #2: Insect Repellent

different kinds of insect repellents for redang island trip

One of the downsides of tropical islands is that often they have annoying insects.

Pack insect repellent patches or spray to help keep them away.

Especially if you travel together with your kids.

Essential #3: Waterproof Camera

waterproof phone case used for taking photos underwater for redang island trip

Almost all Redang Island Resorts have waterproof camera for renting.

Pack a waterproof camera if you want to take pictures in or around water.

No such big investment on camera? A waterproof phone case works fine too.

Essential #4: Flippers

green transparent bag and yellow slippers

You need a pair of flippers to walk on beach and keep up with  underwater life.

Essential #5: Swimsuit

ginger sun top and short pants jeans and jasper colored slippers

No matter what Types of Redang Packages you booked,

you can’t go to an island without a swimsuit.

Pack 1 more set if you have. Because it takes times to dry them totally.

Essential #6: Sun Block Lotion

plenty kinds of after sun getl and sun blocks on the table

In Redang Island Best Season, there will be wonderful sufficient sunshine all day long.

Sunburn is a very painful remark of sun kiss. Trust me, you do not want to get it.

Remember apply it every 3-4 hours of outdoor activities.

Essential #7: After-Sun Gel

It is a good idea to pack some sort of after-sun cream or gel to help soothe your burnt skin. There’s always some careless people who get sunburn on a tropical island trip. Lend this to your friends. They will love you.

Essential #8: Sunglasses and Sun Hat

straw hat white top and nude sandal for island trip

Sunglasses and sun hats are the best things for an island trip.  They not only make you look cool, they also protect your head and eyes from sun rays.

Essential #9: Heavy Jacket or Scarf

white and black two adidas sports jacket

If you are familiar with the Transporting Methods to Redang Island, you will understand what I mean.

A jacket will keep you warm on the Flights to Terengganu or in the Ferry to Redang Island.

Essential #10: Lovely Travelling Buddies

three women standing on beach taking group photos in an island trip

Last but not least, remember to go Redang with someone you love.

A good travelling buddy makes the trip perfect!

Wish you have a wonderfulRedang Island trip soon!


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What’s in your must-to-pack list to Redang trip?

Comment below and share with us!