People love travelling to Redang Island again and again. 

A lot of my friends go to Pulau Redang at least 1 time every single year! 

They have tried almost All Types of Redang Packages already, like 3D2N Redang Snorkeling Package, Redang Diving Package.

They even get a diving license in Redang.

Here are the 7 reasons Why People Love Redang so much. 

1. Reasonable Redang Package Price

Let’s keep it short and sweet, It is CHEAP! 

Especially if you travel in a group of people.

Quad room (4 pax in 1 room) is of the lowest price. 

You could have a wonderful short getaway at Pulau Redang for 3 Days or 4 Days.

And that’s below RM 1,000. 

Who doesn’t love it?

2. Redang Island Package is All-In-One.

It is very easy.

You could Plan a Redang Trip Within 10 Minutes.

You don’t need to waste time planning activities, food, or transport.

Redang Package is simple. It is a one-stop service.

You just need to figure out how to get to the Jetty of Redang.

There are 3 Ways to Get to Redang.

You could Get to Redang By Flight, Bus or Car.

Most people take Flight to Redang Island, because it’s most convenient.

Then, the following itineraries, such as Ferry Schedule to Redang,meals and restaurant, snorkeling trip, accommodation,  are all included in Redang Snorkeling Package. 

You book a perfect resort based on your budget. 

Then that’s it, you are good to go! 

palm trees on redang island beach access

3. Redang Island Package is Varied.

Once you have a Basic Understanding of Redang Package,

you can always find the one package for your liking.

There are 3 Types of Redang Packages.

Redang Snorkeling package, Redang Diving package, and some others.

4.  Redang Island is Healing.

The sound of Redang sea waves wakes you up in the morning, soothingly.

 You will be thrilled to see all those beautiful marine lives in Redang Marine Park.

Colorful fishes swim around you, that’s a very special experience.

You walk to restaurant to eat buffet breakfast, a salty sea breeze kisses softly on your cheek. 

All Resorts in Redang are in a good state.

Sunshine, seawater, happy kids, blue sky, loving couple, friends’ laughters, cooling drinks, beautiful sunset, live band at night..

Who doesn’t love relaxing life in a tropical paradise? 

Redang trip is a real vacation for both body and mind!

5. Redang Slows Down Your Pace

Redang is a good place to escape from the stressful daily routine.

That’s exactly what you need from a vacation, right?

Everything routinely seems far and blur now. 

Only the soothing wave sound and tranquil blue sky matter to you.

You don’t need to think about assignments,

fussy about work and duties. 

You don’t check what o’clock it is now.

In Redang, you can do whatever you like, any time, anything.

beautiful brown coral in deep redang sea

6. Redang Blow Your Troubles Away 

Redang reminds you that it’s such a big world,

and your problems seem so small suddenly.

You finally have time to appreciate these spectacular views of sea scenery–

Redang Island with the beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, blue sky and crystal clear sea water.

Waves come and go, sun rises and sinks.

Things bothering you all seem meaningless now. 

7. So Many Activities in Redang

In Redang’s Good Season,

You could snorkel, dive, explore the richness of underwater creatures. 

You could lie on the hammock between coconut trees, thinking about nothing under the shades of leaves. 

You could walk barefoot on Redang long beach with your loved one under sunset.

You could listen to the melodies of live bands at night with icy drinks. 

You could eat as much as you want in a buffet restaurant.

You could sit on the beach leisurely and observe what others are doing.

You could even sleep in resort’s bed from day to night the whole time

You could do many things in redang.  

You could do nothing in Redang.

In Redang, they all make sense. 


If you haven’t been Pulau Redang, 

You’d better grab some Necessary Things Must Bring to Redang,

get your air ticket and get a relaxing vacation in Redang Now!

Coconut and sunshine are waiting for you~ 

redang island crystal blue sea along with sandy beach under cloudless blue sky

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What’s your reason for loving redang?

Comment below and share your insights with us!