Pulau Tioman is a good place for a vacation in Johor.

It is calmer and quieter than Redang and Perhentian island.

Ferries to Tioman are available from Tanjung Gemok Jetty and Mersing Jetty.

Below are 5 transporting methods to get to Tioman Island, or more precisely,  Tioman Jetties.

  1. By Bus
  2. By Car
  3. By Chatered Private Van 
  4. By Flight
  5. Stay overnight at Tioman Jetty

1. By Bus

75% guests take public bus to Tioman Island.

This is the most popular transporting method to Tioman.

1.1 To Mersing Jetty

The arrival bus stop is Mersing Bus Terminal.

If From KL, this journey takes around 4-5 hours.

If From Singapore, the duration is around 3.5 hours.

Walking distance between Mersing Bus Terminal and Mersing jetty is 10 minutes.

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mersing jetty bus terminal tioman island entrance

1.2 To Tanjung Gemok Jetty

The arrival bus stop is Tanjung Gemok.

From KL to Tg Gemok, the journey takes around 5 hours.

If from Singapore, the duration is around 4 hours.

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Taking bus is economic. Plus you do not feel tired.

You can rest on your bus seat along the journey.

Bus is available everyday no matter Tioman High Season or Low Season.

You can buy bus ticket any day, any place.

You won’t worry about the route or getting lost.


Bus is not private, so you need to share with other strangers.

The duration is a bit longer than drive yourself.

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buses in line ready to depart to Tioman island

2.By Car

20% tourists self drive to Tioman Jetty.

It’s convenient and comfortable.

You can use at Waze or Google map to get to Tioman Jetties.

Many car parking slots are available at there.

Parking fees is around RM 18 per day.

It’s safe enough for your car.

2.1 To Mersing Jetty

The arrival point is Mersing Jetty.

From KL to Mersing jetty, it takes around 4 hours.

From Singapore to Mersing jetty, the journey is about 3 hours.

2.2 To Tg Gemok Jetty

The arrival point is Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

From KL to Tg Gemok jetty, it takes around 4.7 hours.

From Singapore to Tg Gemok jetty, it is around 4 hours.

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entry of tanjung gemok jetty hall to Tioman island


Car is very private and the schedule could be very flexible.

You could stop anywhere half way, to get a meal or rest for a while.

You don’t need to wait or share with strangers.


You will feel tired from driving.

Petrol is an additional cost.

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3. Charter Private Van

Charter Private Van is like an combination of bus and car.

You can save energy because you don’t need to drive yourself.

You can stop anywhere for a rest or snack.

3.1 To Mersing Jetty

From KL to Mersing jetty the duration takes around 4 hours.

From Singapore to Mersing jetty it is around 3 hours.

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3.2 To Tg Gemok Jetty

From KL to Tanjung Gemok jetty the duration takes around 4.7 hours.

From Singapore to the Tanjung Gemok jetty  is around 4 hours.

pulau Tioman island mersing jetty entry


It’s private van, you will be with people you are travelling with.

The time schedule is flexible. You can stop a few points on the way.

You will not feel tired from the journey.


The cost is higher then bus, but lower than self drive car.

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4. By Flight

Go to Tioman by flight is not very popular.

From Senai airport to Mersing jetty or Tanjung Gemok jetty, the duration takes around 2 hour to 2.5 hours.

It’s a very long distance. Not many people choose this way to get to Pulau Tioman.

You must reserve more time for traffic between airport and Tioman jetty.

It will cost you more time and money than others transporting method.

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Tioman Flight

The airlines got Flights to Tioman are Airasia, Malindo, Malaysia Airlines, and Firefly.

Tioman Island airport is Senai airport. The code of it is JHB.

Approximately 55 minutes from KUL to JHB.

There is no direct flight from Singapore to Tioman Island.

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flights and airlines to tioman island

5. Stay Overnight at Tioman Jetty

When your ferry time is not ideal or your afternoon ferry being cancelled,

you will need to stay one night at a hotel near Tioman jetty.

It is a reluctant choice.


You can have a nice seafood dinner and rest well before entering Tioman island.


The cost is higher because of accommodation and meals.

It is a bit time wasting. You need to stay one more day than planned.

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We advise you to get to Tioman Island Jetties by Bus or Self Drive a Car.

You could choose one between them.

Charted bus  is best for group traveling to Tioman Island .

Travel by flight or stay overnight are not recommended.

Have a nice trip to Tioman!

couple holding hands while walking on pulau tioman island beach at sunset

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How did you go Tioman last time? Was it a pleasant trip?

Comment below and share your stories with us!