Tioman island is a wonderful vacation island to relax from the bustle of the city.

Most Tioman Island resorts do not include Tioman ferry ticket in packages.

You need to take ferry to get into Tioman from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Top 2 famous Tioman ferry operators are Bluewater Express and Cataferry.

There are 3 main methods to buy Tioman ferry ticket.

1) Bluewater express

2) Cataferry

3) Travel Company

This article will explain how to buy Tioman ferry ticket online step by step and compare above two Tioman Ferry companies in several aspects.

big straw umbrellas with dining table and chairs beneath on pulau tioman island beach

 1. Bluewater Express

Bluewater Express is a Tioman ferry operating company.

It’s the most popular Tioman ferry seller.

You could collect Bluewater express ferry ticket at Counter Number W1 and W2 in Mersing Jetty;

or Counter Number No. 3 in Tg Gemok Jetty.

Also keep in mind that the ferry will make stops (Because there are 8 villages in Tioman island), so remember to double confirm with your Tioman Resort which station you should get off.

1.1 Pros

Bluewater Express Ferries are all equipped with air conditioner.

Compared to Cataferry, it has more choices of ferry times in a day.

Plus, The price of Bluewater Express ticket is much cheaper than Cataferry.

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bluewater express tioman ferry interior

1.2 Cons

When weather in Tioman is bad, Ferry schedule of Bluewater Express delays sometimes.

You might wait for a few hours when weather is awful.

The facilities of ferry is a little dated.

1.3 Price

Bluewater Express ferry Prices is cheap, and the price is fixed everyday.

It is RM 45 one way each person

So total RM 90 for one person’s 2 way journey.

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1.4 Steps to Buy Bluewater Ticket Online

Step 1: Choose your departure jetty, return or one way,

departure/return date and number of adult/ child.

Step 2: Confirm your drop-off point in Tioman and the time.

Step 3: Enter all passengers’ infor

Step 4: Choose the payment method, eg. online, card or credit card.

After your payment made successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.

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cataferry tioman island seats interior

2. Cataferry

Cataferry is another Tioman ferry operator.

It’s suitable for Tioman Visitor who has higher budget and requirement.

2.1 Pros

Cataferry ferry is very clean and well maintained.

It has new and spacious seats.

Ferry is always on time and punctual.

There are standard seats and premium seat.

It provides you a quiet and private environment to relax.

You get to pick your seats number when you buy the ferry ticket.

2.2 Cons

The price is slightly higher than Bluewater Express.

Cataferry has less choices of ferry times in a day.

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tioman island cataferry interior premium seat

2.3 Price

Cataferry has fluctuating prices similar to air ticket.

Cataferry’s price is fluctuate depends on ferry time or dates.

The price for standard seat is around RM 90 one way per person.

As for premium seat, it will be around RM 200 one way per seat.

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2.4 Steps to Buy Cataferry Ticket Online

Step 1: Choose your departure jetty, return or one way,

departure /return date and number of adult/child.

Step 2: Choose your preferred departure and return time.

Step 3: Pick your seats. (Standard or Premium).

Step 4: Confirm your pick up and drop-off point in Tioman.

Step 5: Enter all the passengers’ info

Step 6: Choose the payment method ( by online, card or credit card).

Then you will receive a confirmation email.

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3. Ferry Ticket From Travel Agency

You could also buy ferry ticket from travel agency companies.

If you purchase Tioman Snorkeling or Diving package from travel agency,

it’s best to buy the ferry ticket altogether.

3.1 Pros

You will be able to purchase an all-in-one Tioman package.

It saves your time and trouble.

You could have many choices of ferry companies.

Travel Agency will buy ferry ticket from your preferred ferry companies.

Sometimes travel agency’s price is cheaper.

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3.2 Cons

Travel company will charge you a service fee for it.

And you need to pick a reliable travel agency to purchase from.

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cataferry driving on tioman island sea

4. Check In and Boarding 

Step 1: Arrival at the jetty

Step 2: Show the staff your e-ticket on your mobile and collect the boarding pass

Step 3: Pay the marine park fee at the marine counter

Step 4: Go to the waiting area to wait for the ferry

Step 5: Line up at the boarding gate and enter the ferry

tioman island ferry ticket check in

5. Tips on Tioman Ferry

The ferry ride takes 2-3 hours.

It is freezing cold and mega loud, in the ferry.

Please take jackets or sweaters (preferably with a hood), long jeans and sturdy shoes for the transfer.

Earmuffs or similar against engine noise and what against nausea is very advisable.

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You could buy Tioman ferry ticket in 3 different ways: Bluewater express, Cataferry or Travel company.

Bluewater is most people’s choice, because of affordable prices.

Cataferry is for people with higher standards.

Travel agency is for lazy people who want to save time and energy, to buy Tioman holiday with all-in-one Tioman package.

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Have you bought Tioman Ferry ticket using above method?

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