Tioman Island is a Family-friendly vacation spot, with the beauty of nature.

Pulau Tioman is suitable for snorkeling enthusiasts.

You could see sea turtles, sand sharks, stingrays and a wide variety of fish here.

This article explains the 5 steps to plan a Tioman vacation.

1. Traveling Date to Tioman

Tioman is a beautiful island but if you visit there during low season, the view is not as pretty as other months.

You can visit Tioman island the whole year.

But snorkeling and diving activities is much more satisfying in Tioman Best Season.

The monsoon season causes muddy water and quite heavy downpour.

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2. Staying Resort in Tioman 

Tioman island has a variety of resorts for you to choose.

From budget to luxury, you can always find the best staying accommodation for your satisfactory.

Also, you better confirm your tioman staying resort is in which village of Tioman Island.

3. Transport and Ferry Ticket

Tioman package includes accommodation, activities and meals in Tioman island.

However, The transport part you need to settle yourself.

They are 2 parts of transporting to Tioman island.

Part one is transport from your own location to Tioman jetty.

Part two is ferry from Tioman jetty to Tioman island.

You need to purchase Tioman ferry ticket yourself.

And remember confirm with resort which stop you need to get off from Tioman ferry.

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empty trestle bench on pulau tioman island beach while speedboat resting at shore

4. What Type of  Tioman Package 

Almost all Tioman resorts provide snorkeling packages and diving packages.

Besides, there are other packages as well, such as Diving Course package and honeymoon package.

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5. Check the Travel License

Before paying money to Tioman resorts or Travel company, make sure they have a valid travel license from MOTAC.

If they are not listed travel company, it is not recommended to buy anything from them.

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Tioman is a quiet and wonderful island with a clean atmosphere and pristine coastline

Fish and corals are well preserved in Pulau Tioman.

It’s a great place to visit for nice long beach and crystal clear water.

tioman island panuba inn resort front sea and bridge

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