Pulau Tioman is a beautiful small island in Johor.

It is one of the best island in Malaysia for snorkeling and diving activities.

This article is about different seasons of Tioman island of a year.

MonthIsland Weather
JanuaryHalf Closed
NovemberHalf Closed
DecemberHalf Closed

July to September — Best Season

July to September is considered as Best Season.

The weather in Tioman is fabulous at that time.

This is the best time to visit Tioman for snorkeling and diving.

During this season, rooms and ferry tickets are selling very fast.

A lot foreign tourist will visit Tioman, Such as China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and HongKong.

Even it is super peak season, the price of Tioman package in this season has no difference than other season.

So you are most recommended to visit Tioman in this season.

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couple watching turtle in tioman island sea while snorkeling

March to June — Good Season

The weather is almost as good in Mar to June.

You could choose any of Activities and Packages in Tioman.

It is sunny and fine in Tioman with great views and crystal clear sea water.

All Tioman Resorts are open in this season.

Marvelous diving place where you can dive freely and have a whale of time.

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February, October — Green Season

Sometimes it rains a little, but you can still snorkel in Tioman green season.

I’ve been here in February, the weather was quiet nice, not too hot, no rain either.

The water is clear and amazing. A lot of activities to do as well.

We visited Marine Park and other villages in Tioman  too.

So it will depends on your luck a little bit regarding weather.

you probably will enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation if visit in Feb and Oct.

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funny island beach picture of a young couple

November to January — Half Closed 

During this season, Tioman sea water is not suitable for snorkeling and diving activities.

The monsoon season causes muddy water and heavy downpour.

Some resort in Tioman island are closed in this season.

Less tourists and ferry goes to Tioman Island in  this season.

The room package price is slightly lower.

It is suitable for low budget backpackers who are not interested in underwater activities.

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People could visit Tioman all year round.

Tioman is a beautiful island that you can visit even in the rainy season.

If you love water activities, March to September is best for you.

If you want a peaceful chill trip, you can visit Tioman Island on Feb or Oct.

tioman island paya beach resort building

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Which month have you been in Tioman Island?

Do you like the weather then? Share with us in the comment!