Tioman is a very beautiful island with lots of different activities to do: snorkeling, diving, jungle trekking…

Tioman island has 8 different villages in it.

If you take ferry from Tioman Jetties, you will find there are several stops on the way to Tioman.

Guests get off ferry at different village depends where their resorts are located.

Every village is different and contain several resorts.

This article is going to compare and contrast all 8 different villages in Tioman island.

1. Genting Village

2. Paya Village

3. Tekek Village

4. Air Batang Village

5. Salang Village

6. Juara Village

7. Nipah Village

8. Mukut Village

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pulau tioman island jetty bridge above clear sea

1. Genting Village

Genting Jetty is the first stop in Tioman Ferry route from Mersing Jetty (or Tanjung Gemok Jetty).

It’s the first village you arrive.


In Genting Village there are painting batik classes for you to experience.

Genting village has more Malay cuisine restaurants,

while Western and Chinese cuisine are less.


Nightlife in Genting village is quiet, but you can find some drinks in bars of the resorts.


You can walk to Paya village from Genting Village,

walking distance around 20 minutes.

If you want to explore other villages, you need to take the water taxi.

Resort in Genting Village

Most Resorts in Genting Jetty are budget accommodations.

eg. Sun Beach Resort 

two women standing on pulau tioman island beach in red life jackets and diving suit

2. Paya Village

Paya Jetty is the second stop in Tioman Ferry route.

It’s the second village you arrive from Mersing Jetty (or Tg Gemok Jetty).


This is a smaller village, but it’s also one of the most popular villages.

Beside walking around the village, you can rent a bicycle to visit the neighboring village.

You can rent an ATV as well.


There are many restaurants with Asian or fusion style.

It is as quiet as Genting Village at night.

Resorts in Paya Village

eg.  Paya Beach Resort

aerial shot of pulau tioman island jetty bridge and beach access

3. Tekek Village

Tekek Jetty is the third stop in Tioman Ferry route.

It’s the third village you arrive from Mersing Jetty (or Tg Gemok Jetty).


Tekek village is a rather developed city.

Things other villages don’t have could be found in Tekek village, such as bank, clinic.

Tekek village is also the capital of Tioman island.

It has more restaurants and food choices, such as Asian, Chinese restaurant, seafood restaurants, and fusion style.

Nearby Sites

Once you get down at Teket station you can get small boats to visit all other beaches. 

You can either hire boat on your own or choose sharing ride.

Tekek village is very close to the Tioman marine park centre, it takes about 5 minutes by boat.

There is also a free entry fees Marine park museum you could visit.

The largest duty-free shop in Tioman is in Tekek village.

You will find some bars at night in Tekek village.

Resorts in Tekek Village:

Tioman Cabana Resort

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woman sitting on hut on beach side looking at pulau tioman island beach and sea

4. Air Batang Village

Air Batang (ABC) Jetty is the fourth stop in Tioman Ferry route.

Motorcycle is the main transport method in ABC village.


Plenty of choices for restaurants and cafés are here in Air Batang Village, eg. Asian or fusion styles.


The nightlife of Air Batang Village is very exciting and lively.

ABC village has more bar at night than other villages.

Sometimes you will see fire shows here.

You could listen to the music and enjoy the drink at night.


You can walk to the neighbor Tekek village.

If want to explore other villages, you need to take water taxis.

Resort in Air Batang Village:

Panuba Inn Resort

woman with diving equipment diving in pulau tioman island deep sea

5. Salang Village

Salang Jetty is the fifth and the last stop in Bluewater Express Tioman Ferry route.

It’s the fifth village you arrive from Mersing Jetty (or Tg Gemok Jetty).

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Because there are many famous diving points near this village.

This village attracts tourists who love diving.

Most of them are foreign backpackers.


This village is very primitive and natural.

To get to other villages from Salang, you need to take water taxis.


In Salang Village, you can easily find delicious food.

There are a lot of seafood BBQ restaurants in this village.

Seafood lovers must try.


Salang Village’s nightlife is also very lively.

Suitable for drinking cold smoothies, chatting, and gatherings.

Resorts in Salang Village:

Salang village accommodation are rather cheap.

Most are chalet accommodations.

eg. Salang Indah Resort

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empty pulau tioman island jetty bridge above clear seawater

6. Juara Village

Juara Village is the sixth village you arrive from Mersing Jetty (or Tg Gemok Jetty).


Cataferry provides a direct ferry service to Juara Jetty.

But Bluewater does not stop at Juara Jetty.

Normally, to get to Juara Village, you will take private speedboat

Your chosen Resorts will arrange boat or a 4WD taxi from other Villages for you.


If you want to go to other villages, the transport expense is higher.

Because Juara is far from other villages.

You can rent bicycles or motorcycles around the Juara village.


There are also many choices of restaurants: several Chinese restaurants, and café shops.

Juara’s nightlife is quite peaceful, but bars and music is available.

Resorts in Juara Village:

Barat Tioman Resort

Juara Mutiara Beach Resort

straw huts and tall palm trees on beach access of pulau tioman island

7. Nipah Village

There is no ferry stop at Nipah villages.

Resort in Nipah villages will arrange transport for you from other villages.

You will take a private speedboat or water taxi to get into Nipah village.


Nipah village is a paradise away from the crowd.

There are fewer tourists in this village.

There are not many restaurant choices.

These restaurants offer local seafood or Malaysian cuisine.

Nipah village only have a small number of accommodations, and with very basic facilities.

Resorts in Nipah Village

Bersatu Nipah Chalet

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jungles on the side of pulau tioman clear sea

8. Mukut Village

The Boarding jetty is Mukut Jetty.

Cafaferry provides a direct ferry service to Juara Jetty, but Bluewater does not stop at Mukut Jetty.

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Private speedboat or water taxi will carry you from other Village to get here.

Usually resorts here will arrange it for you.


Mukut village are similar with Juara village.

You can walk around Mukut village.

If you want to explore other villages, water taxis is the only transpiring method.


In Mukut village, you can experience night jungle trekking, watch the creatures at night.

From March to August, you can watch turtles lay eggs at the beach.


Most restaurants here are Asian style.

There are also some café shops.


The nightlife in Mukut village is quieter than others.

Resort in Mukut Village

Minang Cove Resort

romantic setting of lights along side wooden bridge on pulau tioman island at night


Most of the Tioman villages are quite small, you can walk around one village in less than 30 minutes.

To travel among Tioman different villages, you can hike or take a boat.

Tioman villages are very natural and rustic.

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Top Tioman Packages:

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