Pulau Besar is a heaven for ocean lovers.

It’s a very relaxing island.

Pulau besar is perfect for a short getaway with families.

Pulau Besar Location

Besar Island is an island located in the state of Johor.

Pulau Besar Jetty

Depart from Mersing jetty.


You need to get to Pulau Besar’s jetty by yourself.

You can call grab or taxi upon arrival airport or bus station.

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jetty of pulau besar island above the beach

Resort in Pulau Besar

There are four accommodations in Pualu Besar.

1) D’coconut Pulau Besar Resort

2) Aseania Pulau Besar Resort

3) Bayu Lestari Island Resort

4) Mirage Island Resort

Seasons in Pulau Besar

April to end of September is the best season to visit Pulau Besar.

Low season are February, March and October.

Pulau Besar is closed from November to January because of monsoon.

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standard suite in bayu lestari island resort pulau besar

 Activities in Pulau Besar?

You will have a lot things to do in Pulau Besar.

You could snorkel, dive, kayaking, have island hopping trips to Pulau Tengah and Pulau Hujung, jungle trekking, cycling, or chill on the beach.

What should I bring to Pulau Besar?

Slippers, Sun block, Swim suit, Hat, Sunglasses.

Last but not least, bug sprays and mosquito repellents.

Beware of mosquitoes and sand flies on the beach.

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tourists eating dinner in bayu lestari resort pulau besar

Any restaurants or stores in Pulau Besar?

No, there’s no convenient store, shop or stall to buy food in Pulau Besar.

You will have your meals at resorts you are staying.

Remember take some favorite snacks of yours!

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Popular Besar Resort Package:

D’coconut Pulau Besar Resort

Aseania Pulau Besar Resort

Bayu Lestari Island Resort

Mirage Island Resort


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