Pulau Besar is a stunning place with clean beaches and amazing views.

It’s picturesque with rich sea life around, such as beautiful corals and reef.

There are  3 transport methods to get to Pulau Besar boarding Jetty—-Mersing Jetty.

It consist of only 4 accommodations in Pulau Besar.

All resorts are very closed to the beach.

Low-range ( from RM 390 per person):

D’coconut Pulau Besar Resort

Mid-range (from RM 430 per person):

Aseania Pulau Besar Resort

Bayu Lestari Island Resort

Mirage Island Resort

outdoor swimming pool in d coconut resort pulau besar island

D’coconut Pulau Besar Resort

It is a 3 star resort.

The resort is equipped with a swimming pool and private beach.

Accommodation is a bit aged, but comes with air conditioning in all rooms.

It is the most economic resort in this island.

pulau besar island aseania resort sea view room

Aseania Pulau Besar Resort

Chalet style accommodation with 3 star rating.

The resort has 3 swimming pools, kids pool, Jacuzzi and a largest pool for swimmers.

Each room is an individual wooden chalet.

Tasty food with good portion.

Beautiful resort which is a bit aged, but with great hospitality.

Resort staff is helpful and friendly.

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exclusive villa in bayu lestari island resort pulau besar

Bayu Lestari Island Resort

The building of it is of kampong style, very homey and serene place.

The room and toilet are spacious and comfortable.

It’s ease of access, private, and has some breathtaking beach scenery.

The beach is literally outside your door, and you can hear the waves at night.

They got BBQ area, canoe activity, bicycle for cycle around the chalet.

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private chalet exterior in mirage island resort pulau besar

Mirage Island Resort

It’s a basic yet clean and comfortable resort with its own beach.

It has traditional architecture.

Rooms are comfortable and clean.

They serve great and plentiful food, and have a variety of fish and chicken dishes.

Free coffee and tea all day available.

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Besar island is a very private and peaceful island.

The island still retains the most primitive and natural scenery.

It is quite small with four resorts on it.

The price of Pulau Besar packages are very economic.


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Popular Besar Resort Package:

D’coconut Pulau Besar Resort

Aseania Pulau Besar Resort

Bayu Lestari Island Resort

Mirage Island Resort


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