Pulau Besar  are located in Johor, and Tioman island is in Pahang.

They both surrounded by clear emerald water with an abundant of coral reefs and marine life.

Here are some compare and contrast about Pulau Besar and Tioman islands.


Pulau Besar is more natural and less developed than Tioman Islands.

Pulau Besar will be more primitive and natural with less tourists.

Tioman islands are more developed, especially Tekek village.

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person diving in pulau tioman island sea with colorful tropical fishes


Tioman island is more lively than Pulau Besar at night.

You could get some icy drinks from pubs and bars, such as smoothies and cold soda.

Sometimes there will be fire show or live bands.

Besar is rather quiet.

There’s not much activities at nights except star gazing.

If it is in peak season or holidays, there might have live band’s in Pulau Besar.

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Transport in island

Pulau Besar is small. You can walk around the island by foot.

Tioman is large, and it has several villages.

The transportation on Tioman island is water taxi, 4WD car or motorcycle.

You can rent a scooter for about RM 80 per day,

The motorbike rental costs only RM 35 if you rent it at Kampung Tekek.

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tourists boarding ferry on tioman island jetty

Restaurant and Shop

Nice restaurants and good food is available in Tioman island for shopping.

There are few fruits shops and cafes along the entire coastal line will avoid you from getting hungry.

In Tekek there are duty-free shops, where everything you need to live are available.

There’s no restaurant or shops in Pulau Besar.

You better bring some favorite snacks along.

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Tioman is accessible through two jetties, Mersing Jetty and Tanjung Gemok jetty.

For Pulau Besar, only Mersing jetty.

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Ferry or Speedboat

Transport MethodDuration
BesarSpeedboat30 min
TiomanFerry2 hour

You get to Pulau Besar by Speedboat, it takes 30 minutes.

For Tioman island, you will take public ferry, and it takes 1.5 to 2 hours.


There are numerous accommodations in Tioman islands, from Budgetd to Luxurous.

Since Pulau Besar is much smaller than Tioman island, it consist of only 4 resorts.

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tioman island 1511 coconut grove resort garden view room interior


Both Pulau Besar and Tioman are affected by monsoon.

February to October is good season for both islands.

In November to January, Pulau Besar and Tioman are closed.


There are a lot spot to visit in Tioman island, such as the waterfall, the forest, the beach.

Tioman island is famous for beautiful Diving spots as well.

While Pulau Besar has less places to visit, since it is very small.

It is all about sleep and eat while enjoying the beautiful beach and clear sea water.

Pulau Besar is best for lazy-bones to just have a relaxing holiday.

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hand holding dead white coral on tioman island beach


If you want to have an a full range of activities, go sightseeing and snorkeling diving and everything, you better consider Tioman island.

If you just want a peaceful natural small island, to rest your body and mind and do nothing but relax, Pulau Besar is better for you.

Anyhow, both Pulau Besar and Tioman island are amazing islands which worth a visit! 


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