Pulau Besar is a small but very beautiful island in Johor.

It is a very nice island with friendly people around. 

Below are the top 5 reasons why people love Pulau Besar.


Besar Island is more pristine and natural than other local islands.

It retains the most original, natural views.

It is surrounded by palm trees without any unnecessary development.

The environment is quite calm, it’s feel like paradise.

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semporna mataking island clear sea water under blue clear sky


The transport to Pulau Besar is simply.

You can take a speedboat from Mersing Jetty.

There are 3 ways of transport methods to get to Besar Island.

It is not far from land, only 20 to 30 minutes speedboat ride will take you into it.

Normally snorkeling package in island will include 2 way speedboat tickets.


Privacy and peace is the best part of Pulau Besar.

If you want somewhere private, go Pulau Besar is the best for you.

The island has not been developed yet, so there is less people.

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tourists in pulau besar island watching sunset from the deck


It has a nice beach view, sea water and sand, especially in Besar island good season.

Awesome emerald blue sea, white fine sand and clear blue sky.

Once your feet touched Pulau Besar, you will immediately feel calm and tranquil with the addition of the resort’s ambient.


You could have a lot of different activities on Pulau Besar.

Such as diving, snorkeling, cycling, kayaking, island hopping, jungle trekking,

To Swim, Snorkel or Paddle over the turquoise water and colorful reef.

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tourist feeding pet owl in pulau besar island


Pulau Besar is a very nice place for enjoying holidays.

It is a perfect destination for people who want a peaceful place to relax!

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