Kapas island is a beautiful island in Kuala Terengganu.

The serenity and calm of Kapas island make people go there at least once a year.

Activity like Kayak, snorkeling and scuba diving are available here.

Let’s see what are the other activities are available in Kapas island.

1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a must experience activity in Kapas island .

Kapas island is so clean. You can see fish from the surface of the sea, and beautiful coral scenes are all displayed in front of you.

When you go into the water, a lot of fish come around you.

Tourists comment that the marine life on this island is healthier than other famous islands.

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guests in backpacker long house diving in mabul island

2. Diving

Diving is a closer way to watch abundant marine life in Kapas island.

In diving, you can observe marine life up close and explore more hidden underwater worlds.

3. Kayaking

You can kayak around Pulau Kapas as well.

Many tourists will rent Kayak with the resort, to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by the ocean.

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4. Hiking

The two small hills located in Kapas Island are called Bukit Singa.

Bukit Singa is another must visit spot as the scenery is wonderful.

You should hike Bukit Singa for an spectacular view of South China Sea from the cliff.

Hiking the hill is a little challenging because it goes along the coast and a lot of rocks, so it’s a bit extreme.

Even so, the fatigue at that moment is forgotten by the beauty of the scenery.

The water is crystal-clear!

Remember to bring your sports shoes along.

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amazing sunset view on beach of koh lipe island

5. Chill on the beach

Enjoy the powder and white sand beaches of Pulau Kapas and watch the sunrise and sunset.

You could walk on the beach from end to end within an hour.

The sand is soft.  Kids like to play in the sand, the beach is clear and there are a lot of fish.

You could lie on a beach chair, close your eyes and listen quietly to the sound of the sea breeze.

Volleyball is played regularly, join an existing game or form your own team, borrowing balls is easy, just ask the friendly islanders.

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6. Nightlife

Evenings are amazing in Kapas island, and if the sky is clear, the sunsets are absolutely beautiful.

At night you can see the stars all over the sky.

There are some small bars for chill in Pulau Kapas too.

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perhentian island night party show


Kapas island has nice beaches with a lot of activities available like snorkeling, diving and hiking.

At first day you can go snorkeling, the second day you can go hiking. 

If you want peace and quiet, with an amazing underwater view, and a little adventurous, Kapas Island is one of the perfect places!

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What activity do you like the most in Kapas?

Comment us and tell us why!