Both Kapas island and Lang Tengah island have pristine waters, live coral and island tranquility.

They are two smaller islands in Terengganu, compared to Redang, Perhentian island.

Let’s us check out what are the differences between Kapas island and Lang Tengah island.

If you are struggling choosing one holiday destination between Kapas and Lang Tengah,  this article will definitely help you.

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The environment on both islands is peaceful.

They all have white and powdery fine sand, clear sea water.

Kapas island and Lang Tengah island are private and not so crowded.

You will feel much calm and comfortable in both islands.

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Tourists often confuse two jetties of Kapas island and Lang Tengah island.

Kapas island’s jetty is called Marang Jetty.

While Lang Tengah island‘s jetty is Merang jetty.

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Both islands use speedboats to reach the island.

Kapas island is closer to the mainland, just a 10 minute boat ride from Marang Jetty.

From Merang jetty to Lang Tengah island, the speedboat journey is about 40 minutes.

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There are a lot activities available in both Kapas island and Lang Tengah island.

You could chill on the beach, jungle trekking, kayaking, snorkeling and diving.

Besides that, in Lang Tengah island, you could join island hopping trip to snorkel in Redang and Perhentian.

As for Kapas island, you could climb the famous Bukit Singa and watch the amazing view and crystal-clear sea water from the cliff.

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Both islands are so peaceful at night, but they have live bands’ performance during peak season.

if you don’t like crowds and party, Kapas island and Lang Tengah island are good choices.

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There are not many accommodation options in both islands.

Kapas island hotels is more of a economic style.

But their basic facilities can still satisfy most tourists.

On the other hand, Lang Tengah island seems like a upgrade version of Kapas in resort term.

Lang Tengah’s resort has better quality resort options.

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The costs to Kapas island is surprisingly cheap.

Kapas island’s accommodation is basic and simple.

Lang Tengah Island is a little bit more expensive than Kapas island.

Lang Tengah island has a few luxurious resorts.

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Both Kapas island and Lang Tengah island are quiet places to calm your mind.

Kapas Island is the least touristic, it is not big but really very beautiful.

It is just 10 minute speedboat distance to land.

The package price of Kapas island will be cheaper.

Lang Tengah island is a upgrade version of Kapas island .

It is equally beautiful and has more resort options.

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