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Kapas island and Pulau Besar are two beautiful islands of Malaysia.

Picture perfect scenery and awesome island life in them are best for people love the quietness

Let’s compare between Kapas island and Besar Besar.


Kapas island and Pulau Besar are in different states of Malaysia.

Kapas island is in Terengganu.

Pulau Besar is in Johor.


Pulau Besar’s harbor is Mersing jetty.

Kapas island ‘s harbor is Marang jetty.

tourist feeding pet owl in pulau besar island


Transporting method to get to Kapas island are flight, bus and car.

As for Pulau Besar, you can choose between bus and car only.

Flight is off the table for Besar island.


You need take speedboats to reach these 2 islands.

Both Kapas island and Pulau Besar are very near to mainland.

The boat journey into Kapas island takes only 15-20 minutes, Besar Besar is 30 minutes.

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tioman pulau sea speedboat

Boat Time

Kapas island has boat in and out from 9am to 5pm every 2 hour.

Pulau Besar has 1 boat time each day,  12pm boat to get into island, and 10.30am boat to get out.

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Both Kapas island and Pulau Besar are very primitive and natural.

They are small islands, you could walk around them just by foot.

They are quite peaceful, almost no tourist there if you visit on weekday.

You can enjoy the feeling of a private island of yourself.

Weekend and holidays will be more happening in Kapas island and Besar Besar.

room with sea view in kapas island


Besar and Kapas island have only few resorts on them.

Besar island has 4 resorts, while Kapas island has 2 resorts.

They are all economical chalet-style resorts.

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Both 2 islands’ packages are quite affordable.

While, Kapas island package will be cheaper than Pulau Besar’s.

Kapas Island 3D2N packages is RM 300 to RM 350 per person.

Pulau Besar 3D2N packages is at least RM400 and above.

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children in backpacker long house turn somersault above sea water in mabul island


Kapas island and Pulau Besar are two good and relaxing spots for holiday weekend.

They are located in different states, one is in Johor, one is in Terengganu.

Kapas island package is cheaper than Besar, with less accommodation choice.

If you are looking for a very beautiful island with untouched nature, they are indeed very good choices!


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