Lang Tengah Island has nice scenery, and lots of good snorkeling spots. 

In order to get to see the best of Lang Tengah, you better visit there when the weather is good.

In this article, we will discuss when is the best season to visit Lang Tengah.

MonthIsland Weather
JanuaryIsland Closed
NovemberIsland Closed
DecemberIsland Closed

High Season

The best season to visit Lang Tengah is from April to September.

Weather is wonderful and sunny in this season.

All resorts in Lang Tengah are open, and it’s most suitable for water activities, such as snorkeling.

Lang Tengah Island is the most beautiful in this season.

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Low Season

Low Season is from February to March and each year October.

The weather in these three months is generally good and stable.

Sometimes it may rain or windy.

But you can still perform water activities in Lang Tengah.

Lang Tengah package price in this season is slightly cheaper than it in high season.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season in Lang Tengah starts from November to January.

Lang Tengah island will be closed during this period.

Lang Tengah is rainy and waves are huge in this period.

This season is not suitable for water activities.

Some resorts in Lang Tengah are closed, some are still opening.

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Lang Tengah island opens from February to October each year.

Among these months, the Best time to visit Lang Tengah is April to September.

From November to January, Lang Tengah will be closed due to monsoon.

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Which season have you visited in Lang Tengah?

How’s your experience there?

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