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Both Lang Tengah and Perhentian island have great snorkeling and diving areas.

They both have great beaches.

The water there is crystal clear and sparkling under clear sunny skies.

Let’s compare Perhentian and Lang Tengah Island, see which one is best for you.

Island Size

Perhentian Island is larger. It has two main islands, big island and small island.

There are two islands; the big is Perhentian Besar and the small one is Perhentian Kecil.

You can use water taxi to get to each other.

Lang Tengah Island is smaller, you can walk around it by yourself.

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lang tengah island resort beach trees

Resorts and hotels

Perhentian Island have more restaurants and resorts.

The resorts in Perhentian is affordable which means accessible by every budget.

Lang Tengah Island has relatively few choices of resorts.

Restaurants are generally inside the resort, not many independent restaurants around.

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Perhentian Island is definitely the first choice for nightlife lovers.

Night life here is nice, where you can watch one of those fire shows, or just chill at a cafe having coffee, or smoking Shisha.

The night life in Lang Tengah Island is rather quiet.

But sometimes Lang Tengah has live bands at beach.

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people walking to speedboat with diving equipment for diving trip in perhentian


The activities in Lang Tengah and Perhentian island are similar.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are popular activities there.

You can also hike through the jungle or take water taxi to other islands’ beaches.

But Perhentian Island has more routes of jungle trekking.

You will see open stunning views of the water along the way.


People use speedboats for transporting to both Lang Tengah and Perhentian island.

It takes about 30-45 minutes from jetty to each of them.

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perhentian island jetty with colorful fence

Boarding Jetty

Although they are all islands in Terengganu, Perhentian and Lang Tengah have different jetties.

Perhentian Island’s jetty is Kuala Besut Jetty

while Lang Tengah Island’s jetty is Merang Jetty.


Environment in Lang Tengah and Perhentian island is both very primitive and natural.

because Lang Tengah Island is less developed and much smaller than Perhentian,

Lang Tengah is very quiet and calm.

As for Pulau Perhentian, it is quite lively with tourists, especially in the area called Long Beach or Pantai Panjang.

No matter day or night, there are always activities going on there.

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barat perhentian resort sea view chalet spacious balcony with two deck chairs,four wooden chairs and a trestle table


Perhentian Island is cheaper than Lang Tengah island.

While restaurants and resorts are cheap, souvenirs in Pulau Perhentian is also very affordable.

There are many backpackers stay in Perhentian.

However, Lang Tengah Island has fewer tourists or hotels.

Generally, it is more secluded and expensive than Perhentian.


The good season in Perhentian Island and Lang Tengah Island are same.

It is from April to September.

From February to March and October is Green Season.

You can still visit Perhentian Island and Lang Tengah in green season.

However, November to January is the monsoon season,

Both two islands will be closed during this period.

barat perhentian resort beach signboard


Lang Tengah is more calm and secluded.

Perhentian Package price is more affordable.

It has more resorts’ options and the nightlife is more lively.

Perhentian is suitable for backpackers or family travel.

Lang Tengah is best if you want a quiet and peaceful getaway.


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