Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island are two stunning islands in Kuala Terengganu.

They have best beautiful beaches, sparkling sea water, and magnificent snorkeling points.

Redang and Lang Tengah are beautiful in different ways.

Let’s see how they are different from each other.

1. Environment

Redang Island will be more commercialized.

Most important is cleanliness is well maintained at the same time. 

Lang Tengah island is rather quiet reigns.

It is very small and little inhabited, and remains its original natural scenery.

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tourists of d coconut lagoon Island Resort snorkeling in Lang Tengah island sea

2. Activities

For activities, Both islands have numerous entertaining activities available for you.

There are snorkeling, diving, night snorkeling, jungle trekking, turtle watching, Scuba walking and so on.

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3. Accommodation

In terms of accommodation, Redang has more choices.

There are Redang resorts and hotel which is available from cheapest to expensive.

Lang Tengah Island is smaller and has fewer resort options.

The accommodation on both islands is more than enough and satisfying.

Price will be in the range of cheap and expensive.

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large recliners on beach access in front of sari pacifica resort lang tengah island

4. Nightlife

The nightlife in Redang is quite lively.

While long beach is most happening place in redang.

Usually there will have live band or fire show at weekend or holiday.

Though Redang tends to be a bit crowded at times during the super peak season.

Lang Tengah Island will be more peaceful and less crowded.

There are music in Lang Tengah as well.

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5. Location

Both islands are in the state of Terengganu.

They are neighboring islands.

You can get to the other if you take an island hopping trip.

Both islands are small enough that visitors can get around on foot, either on roads or trekking through the jungle.

seaview villa room interior in sari pacifica resort lang tengah island

6. Ferry or Boat Trip

Redang has two jetties, they are Shah Bandar Jetty and Merang Jetty.

It takes 1.5 hours to get to Redang by ferry.

Lang Tengah Island has only one jetty– Merang Jetty.

It takes about 35-45 minutes to get to Lang Tengah by speedboat.

7. Best Season To Visit

Both islands are affected by monsoon season.

Resorts will be closed from November to February.

The peak season is from April to September.

February to March and October are considered as low season.

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romantic setting of lights along side wooden bridge on pulau tioman island at night


Both Redang and Lang Tengah has Nice beach with clear water, Very calm environment and Beautiful Scene.

Redang is a clean Island with good facilities.

It is good for a quick family getaway considering the the amenities and convenience available.

Lang Tengah is suitable for tourists who enjoy the calm, quiet and tranquility.


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Which island do you like more, Redang or Lang Tengah?

Comment and tell us your reason!