I believe anyone who has read the previous article knows that there are many large

and small islands around Semporna.

But too many islands are so beautiful, don’t know how to choose?

This article will take you briefly to understand the difference between each island~


Semporna is a small town with many hotels,

homestays, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

To travel to nearby islands,

you need to take a boat from Semporna Jetty.

If you choose an island-hopping package,

you can choose to stay in Semporna.

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Sibuan Island

The seawater quality of Sibuan island is the best.

There are many corals

and various fishes in the shallow waters for you to enjoy.

The visibility of the seawater is excellent.

Mantabuan Island

Mantabuan Island is suitable for snorkeling or diving.

This is also the place where the Bashu people live.

The water visibility of Mantabuan Island is extremely high.

You can see rare marine life and corals here.

BoheyDulang Island

BoheyDulang Island overlooks the entire bay.

The climb is expected to take more than an hour.

The boat departs from Semporna Jetty and takes about 55 minutes.

Mabul Island

If you ask me which island I recommend,

I believe many people will choose Mabul Island,

because the package price is very economical.

It only takes 45 minutes from Semporna to Mabul Island by boat.

Many are floating houses.

Affordable floating house or homestay,

the accommodation conditions are average,

but you can enjoy the simplest island life.

In a fully equipped luxury resort hotel,

you can enjoy high-quality services.

Half of the island is inhabited by residents.

You can visit the village,

where there are some small shops selling souvenirs, snacks, etc.

Usually buy a package, snorkeling on Mabul Island in the morning

and snorkeling on Kapalai Island in the afternoon.

Therefore, choosing the Mabul Island package is also very cost-effective.

Non-residents can still enter the island.

You can also arrange a day trip to Sipadan Island,

which only takes 15 minutes by boat.

However, you must apply for a permit to enter Sipadan.

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Kapalai Island

The most beautiful floating houses in Semporna are on Kapalai Island.

It is located on the sandbank between Sipadan Island

and Mabul Island and basically,

has no land.

You can only see the beach at low tide.

You can enjoy the 360-degree invincible sea view.

It only takes 45 minutes by boat from Semporna.

If you are a non-resident,

you cannot enter the island.

The simple and elegant accommodation style

and basic facilities of the island resort can meet the needs of customers.

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Sipadan Island

God’s aquarium is also a diving paradise.

It takes about 60 minutes by boat from Semporna.

The number of people entering the island every day will be limited.

You need to apply for a permit to enter Sipadan.

There is no accommodation on the island,

you can only choose nearby islands or Semporna to stay overnight.

It is only a 15-minute boat ride from Mabul Island.

Many tourists choose to stay in resorts

or floating houses on Mabul Island.

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Mataking Island

Mataking Island is composed of two small islands,

Mataking big island, and Mataking small island.

Only after the low tide,

you can see the long white trailing beach,

or “sand bridge”.

At high tide,

the two islands are about half a kilometer apart.

One of the five underwater post offices in the world is located on Mataking Island.

You can purchase postcards in advance,

and then dive into the sea to mail them!

If you do not have a diving certificate,

you can also ask the instructor at the diving center to help you send it underwater.

On the private island,

there is only one resort on the island.

The resort’s equipment is also very complete.

You can enjoy quality service.

It takes about 60 minutes by boat from Semporna.

However, non-residents cannot enter the island.

There are large beaches and corals on the island,

and the underwater world is wonderful.

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Timba Timba Island

In the underwater world of Timba Timba Island,

you can see many soft corals,

Nemo fish, various fishes, and so on.

The environment on the island is very peaceful.

There is a large trailing beach on the island,

suitable for tourists to take pictures.

<Timba Timba Island Link>

Pom Pom Island

There are no residential villages on the island.

The private island,

tranquil environment.

There are several resorts for you to choose from.

It takes about 45 minutes to depart from Semporna Jetty by boat.

Non-residents can visit the island,

walk around the island takes around 30 minutes.

You can see unique tropical plants and exquisite resorts.

There are not many accommodations on the island,

there are beach villas

or floating houses for you to choose from.

In the underwater world of Pom Pom Island,

you can see many corals and schools of fish around.

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Semporna is suitable for island hopping packages.

Tourists who choose Sibuan Island, Mantabuan Island,

and BoheyDulang Island usually spend the night in Semporna Town.

For the route,

please refer to <Semporna Island Hopping Introduction Link>

Since Semporna is the center,

it is relatively close to the surrounding islands.

If starting from Mabul Island,

it is not suitable.

Sipadan Island is close to Mabul Island

and Kapalai Island.

You can choose to stay on these two islands

or Semporna Town.

Mabul Island is more humane.

Kapalai Island is a romantic island suitable for honeymooners.

Mataking Island, Timba Timba Island,

or Pom Pom Island is relatively private islands with a relatively peaceful environment.


If you want to choose accommodation on the island,

you can consider Mabul Island,

Kapalai Island, Mataking Island,

or Pom Pom Island.

Mabul Island has more accommodation options.

There may be 1 or more accommodations on other islands.


Have you been to which island?

Welcome to share your experience with us,

just leave a message in the comment area below!