Let’s take a brief look first.

Sabah is a state and its capital is Kota Kinabalu.

To reach Semporna,

you need to follow this route,

Tawau Province-Semporna Town, Sabah.

From Semporna Jetty, you can reach Mabul Island,

Sipadan Island, Kapalai Island, BoheyDulang Island

and other surrounding islands by boat.

So Semporna is the only way to all the islands~


To reach Semporna Island,

you need to use land, sea,

and air transportation to reach your destination.

Take a flight from your departure point to Tawau Airport Sabah.

Upon arrival,

take a taxi to Semporna Jetty.

Finally, take a speedboat to enter the island.


Semporna is surrounded by famous islands.

Such as Mabul Island, Kapalai Island,

Mataking Island, and so on.

Every island has accommodation,

except for some designated islands,

where there is no accommodation.

For example, on Sipadan Island,

there is no accommodation on the island.

Because Sabah Park wants to protect the marine ecology

and environment of Sipadan Island.

The number of people on the island will be limited every day.

Mataking Island is a private island with only one resort.

Mabul Island

There are more accommodations on Mabul Island than other islands,

and there are more choices.

There are luxury resorts, budget resorts,

homestays, or backpacker-style accommodation.

Mabul Island is not big,

like an ovoid island.

Half of the island is residents,

there are mosques, schools, and so on.

Mabul Island is about 45 minutes from Semporna.

Close to Kapalai Island and Sipadan Island.

1.1 Resort

Some islands have expensive luxury resorts as well as medium-priced resorts.

Luxurious resort with complete equipment for tourists to enjoy.

You can experience high-quality service.

Most of the floating houses are equipped with air-conditioning.

A mid-priced resort with economical room types.

But it may not be equipped with air-conditioning.

Accommodation is also a basic condition.

There are water houses

or beach houses to choose from.

Recommended resort

<Mabul Beach Resort best hotel article link>

The resort full soon during peak season.

All are beach houses.

Package reference price

~start from RM 670 per person

<Mabul water Bungalow Best Hotel Article Link>

Luxurious decoration,

high-quality service.

All are floating houses.

Package reference price

~ start from RM 2.5K per person.

1.2 Backpacker Inn

Most backpackers do not have air-condition

and need to share rooms or bathrooms with others.

Rooms usually provide single bunk beds,

and some rooms have double beds.

The price is relatively cheap.

But the accommodation conditions are average.

Most backpackers are floating houses.

Recommended Backpacker Inn

<Backpacker Longhouse best resort article link>

Basic accommodation conditions.

All are floating houses.

Package reference price

~ start from RM 280 per person.

1.3 Homestay

Most homestays have air-conditioned

or fan rooms with shared bathrooms.

The price is relatively cheap.

Basic accommodation conditions.

They are usually floating houses.

Recommended homestay

<Summer Friend Homestay best resort article link>

All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning

and need to share bathrooms.

All are floating houses,

but only single beds.

Package reference price

~ start from RM 370 per person.

<Scuba Jeff Guest House best resort article link>

There is a fan room or an air-conditioned room,

and a shared bathroom is required.

All room types are floating houses.

Package reference price

~ start from RM 550 per person.

Kapalai Island

Kapalai Island is known as the Little Oriental Maldives.

All room types can enjoy the invincible sea view.

There are no beaches on the island,

and you can only see the beach after low tide.

The range of activities on Kapalai Island is relatively limited.

You can dive or snorkel near the resort,

but you need to follow the instructions and arrangements of the resort.

Kapalai Island is more suitable for couples or honeymooners.

About 45 minutes by boat from Semporna.

Recommended resort

<Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort best hotel link>

These rooms fill up quickly every year

and must be booked at least 6 months in advance.

The resort is built in the sea as a stilt house.

You can see marine life swimming around the resort anytime, anywhere.

Package reference price

~start from RM 2.1k per person.

Mataking Island

The island of Mataking Island is divided into a big island

and a small island.

At low tide, you can see the long white beach

or stroll to the small island.

There is only one resort on Mataking Island,

which is a private island.

The resort features rooms with garden views,

cabins, and luxurious beach villas.

The resort is fully equipped.

The most special thing is that there is an underwater post office on Mataking Island.

You can mail your unique postcard to your family or friends.

Recommended resort

<Mataking Island Reef Dive Resort best resort link>

It is difficult to book accommodation during peak season.

It is recommended to book at least 6 months in advance.

All are beach houses.

Package reference price

~ start from RM 1700 per person.

Pom Pom Island

Pom Pom Island has fewer tourists

and no uninhabited villagers,

so the environment is relatively peaceful.

If you are lucky,

you have the opportunity to enjoy the scene of a sea turtle laying eggs.

You can see many characteristic tropical plants.

There are not many resorts on the island.

There are beach houses

or water houses to choose from.

The entire island is not big,

it takes about 30 minutes to walk.

It is more than 45 minutes by boat from Semporna.

Recommended resort

<Pom Pom Island Resort best resort article link>

The resort has 4 room types to choose from.

Beach house, water house, and so on.

It is necessary to book in advance during peak season.

Package reference price

~ start from RM1900 per person.


Which island would you choose? why?

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