You need to prepare

and book hotel or transportation before departure.

If you are a tourist who buys packages.

You need to arrange transportation,

visas, etc.

Here are 5 steps to process your trip~

Step 1 – Determine the month and days of travel

First determine the travel month,

you can refer to <Semporna Best Season Link>.

After determining the month,

you can ask the hotel or resort for the package price.

Some hotels may not be able to arrange a full set of services.

You also need to have a plan to determine a few days of travel.

Step 2 – Choose Hotel

For hotels, you need to check more information online.

Reference <Best Hotels in Semporna link>

Choose your favourite hotel,

of course you have to choose a few.

Sometimes if the selected hotel is full,

you can also directly check the availability of the second option.

Step 3 – Determine the route

There are 3 routes for Semporna Island Hopping.

<Semporna Jetty Information no.4 link>

It is necessary to notify the staff of the hotel

or travel agency directly when making a reservation.

If you choose the 5-day package,

then 3 routes can be arranged directly.

If you choose a 4-day package,

you need to choose 2 routes.

If you don’t like mountain climbing,

the BoheyDulang Island route is not suitable for you.

You can directly choose the other 2 routes.

<Semporna check-in photo list link>

Step 4-Determine transportation

Malaysians do not need a passport to go to Sabah.

If you are a foreigner,

you need to apply for a visa.

Many travel agencies provide this service.

Tickets can only be purchased after completing the visa procedures.

<Semporna transportation information link>

Step 5 – Final Confirmation

After the above steps have been roughly determined.

You have to start booking the hotel first.

Then confirming the ticket or visa application.

After completing the above steps,

you can look forward to the trip to Semporna~


What should I pay attention to when I arrive at Semporna?

Especially foreigners,

you need to know if you need a visa to enter Malaysia.

The following is a simple information,

basically understand Semporna need attention and essential items.


Malaysians do not need a passport to enter Sabah.

Foreigners need to apply for a visa.

Most travel agencies can handle it.


Semporna uses Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).

If you are a foreigner,

you need to prepare in advance.

Prepare the cost of this journey.


The official language of Semporna is Malay or English.

You can also download the “translator” software in advance.

You don’t have to worry~

Essential items

Must-have international plugs,

sunscreen, swimwear, etc.

If you want fairy-like photos,

remember to bring your long dress~

In terms of medication,

you also need to prepare some headache medicine,

seasickness medicine and so on.

You can also buy it at the pharmacy upon arrival.


<Steps to Arrange Semporna Trip link>


What other travel tips should we know?

You can leave a message in the comment area~



It is usually recommended that visitors first determine the availability of the room,

Then book a hotel

and confirm transportation afterwards.

Because I am worried that the hotel will be full

after the traffic problem is resolved.

Then you need to choose another hotel.

Sometimes in peak season,

most hotels are full.

<Travel Tips in Semporna link>

Do you arrange the schedule like this?

You can share your mistakes in the comment area below~

Let us all avoid making the same mistake~