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Since there are no resorts on Sipadan Island,

you can only choose to spend the night on nearby islands.

Sipadan Island has more tourists who choose diving

because the price of snorkeling can be said to be about the same.

Sipadan’s packages are all based on the number of people.

Most resorts will charge children’s rates.

The age depends on the resort policy.

Diving Package

The package includes meals,

three nights accommodation,

round-trip boat tickets,

diving equipment, and activities.

Normally, there will be 3 dives on Mabul Island

and Kapalai Island and 1 dive on Sipadan Island.

The number of dives depends on the number of days you plan.

You can dive up to 3 times on Sipadan Island.

The price is about RM 3K per person.

The price usually already includes the cost of the permit for Sipadan.

Snorkeling Package

The package also includes meals,

three nights accommodation, round-trip boat tickets,

snorkeling equipment, and activities.

But the snorkeling point is near Mabul Island

or Kapalai Island.

There are usually 6 snorkeling times,

but different resorts have different packages.

Snorkeling or Diving?

If you can’t swim,

you can choose to snorkel.

The diving package is only available for divers with diving certificates.

If you want a dive package,

you need to obtain an OWC diving certificate first.

Diving course information

Many tourists will go to Sabah

or other Malaysian islands to obtain diving certificates.

The English abbreviation of Professional Diving Instructors Association is PADI.

PADI is no stranger to many tourists

because after completing the course,

you will receive a diving certificate.

The diving certificate is issued by the PADI diving agency.

The course will include written examinations

and practical exercises.

OWC is the entry-level of diving

and the key to open the underwater world~

What is OWC?

The full English name of this course is “Open Water Course”

Referred to as OWC.

For beginners, this is the most basic diving course.

Learn how to use basic diving equipment.

You can learn diving skills and other knowledge.

You will use your skills

and exploration to dive in calm and open waters.

What is AOW?

The full English name of this course is Advanced Open Water Course.

Referred to as AOW.

This is an advanced course

and scholars must have a basic diving certificate (OWC).

Learn different majors,

such as deep diving, boat diving,

underwater sailing, night diving, etc.

What is Discovery Scuba Diving?

Although it is not a beginner diving course,

you can learn the basic steps of introductory diving.

If you are not sure whether to obtain a diving certificate,

it is recommended that you choose to take a driving course.

You can experience underwater breathing,

learn about diving equipment and basic safety rules and skills.


  • It is best to choose long-sleeved clothes as a diving suit during training because it will be very cold if you stay on the seabed for a long time.
  • Choose sunscreens that will not harm corals.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Prepare some snacks to replenish physical strength.
  • After diving, you must wait 18 hours before flying to prevent decompression sickness.

How to get a diving certificate?

If you pass the OW course,

you will get a graduation certificate for the OW course.

AOW is the same.

However, if you fail the exam,

it is recommended that you add a course and then obtain a diving certificate again.

The price of additional courses is not too expensive,

generally starting from RM 430 per person.

But this price is based on different dive shops,

the price will be different.


Snorkeling does not require a diving certificate.

If you do not have a diving certificate,

but want to try dive, you can add Discovery Scuba Diving.

If you want to obtain a diving certificate,

you can refer to the above diving course information.

With a basic diving certificate,

you can choose a dive package to explore the underwater world of Sipadan Island ~


Do you have a diving certificate?

If you have attended OWC or AOW courses before,

welcome to share your experience.

Just leave a message in the comment area below!