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Some people say that you must experience the underwater world of Sipadan Island for yourself before you know its beauty.

Snorkeling can only see part of the beauty of Sipadan’s marine life.

Diving can take you to explore most of the ocean beauty.

Whether it is snorkeling or diving,

Sipadan Island will not disappoint you.

Search the following basic diving points information from the Internet,

you can also see the exquisite photos taken by many tourists to share~

Barracuda Point        

The depth of this dive site is 5-10 meters.

Excellent visibility is about 10-30 meters.

The underwater terrain is a slope.

Looking at the location of the thousands of schools of barracuda pass by like a tornado,

you can also see Jack Storm,

a group of Humphead parrotfish,

and thousands of fish flying in front of you.

Almost all the highlights can be seen in this diving point.

Coral Garden

The depth of the diving site is approximately 10 to 20 meters.

Visibility is 10-25 meters.

Underwater terrain cliffs.

The coral garden is very shallow

and you can see many different kinds of small fish swimming in it.

This diving point can see marine life,

such as large hard corals, coral fish, etc.

White–Tip Avenue

The depth of the dive site is about 10-20 meters.

Visibility is 15-25 meters.

You will have the opportunity to see more than 15 sharks lined up,

usually whitetip sharks, with smaller bodies.

Large schools of fish, sharks, turtles,

Jack Fish, and cannonball fish are frequent visitors here.

Turtle Tomb Drop off

The depth of the diving site is 18-20 meters.

Visibility 10-35 meters.

But this diving site is limited to diving level

because this diving point is the most dangerous on Sipadan Island.

There are a natural cave 15 meters underwater near the dive site.

The internal structure is very complicated,

with many branch holes.

After many sea turtles enter,

they stay in the cave forever,

leaving only a pile of debris.

Without a professional diving certificate,

you cannot enter this diving point,

and there is a warning sign at the entrance.

You can see a lot of sea turtles at this diving point,

especially old turtles.


The depth of the diving site is about 10-28 meters.

The visibility is 15-25 meters.

The underwater terrain is a slope.

You can see friendly jackfish and other marine life.

Experience the feeling of being surrounded by them.

South Point

The depth of the diving site is approximately 10 to 20 meters.

The visibility in seawater is 10-28 meters.

The underwater terrain is a slope.

Due to the strong trend,

it attracted barracuda and jackfish.

There are also many sea creatures,

such as lobsters.

Lobster Lair

The depth is about 15-30 meters.

The visibility is 8-26 meters.

The underwater terrain is a slope

There will be a lot of lobsters at this diving point.

There are also cleaning stations for large corals and large fishes.

You can also see barracuda and jackfish.

West Ride                    

The depth is 18-30 meters.

The visibility is about 10-25 meters.

The underwater terrain is a slope.

You can see a variety of unknown small fishes,

as well as more common coral fish.

The fish is very rich and very suitable for shooting.

Hanging Garden

The diving site has a depth of 10 to 30 meters.

The visibility at sea is about 10 to 25 meters.

The underwater terrain is a slope.

The complete distribution of soft

and hard corals, big fish, etc.

is the characteristic of this diving point.

You can also see miniature creatures, such as seahorses.


Rare marine life and large tracts of coral can be seen in every diving point.

The most popular dive points are Barracuda Point,

Coral Gardens, and White-tip Shark Avenue, and so on.

However, the itinerary of the diving point needs to be arranged according to the situation of the day.

Therefore, the dive points included in the package of each resort are arranged by the resort.


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