When is the best time to go to Sipadan?

I believe you will encounter this problem~

The Sabah Islands are not affected by the monsoon,

and Sipadan is one of them.

Suitable for water sports throughout the year.

The following are the three seasons in Sipadan,

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Super peak season: June to August, November

This season is usually sunny.

Very suitable for snorkeling or diving.

The peak season has the most tourists.

Package prices will not change due to seasonal reasons.

This season’s accommodation is almost full,

so you need to book accommodation in advance.

Peak season: March to May, September to October

On weekdays, there are not many tourists.

But on weekends, holidays and other peak periods,

the tourists are the most.

The weather is very good this season.

Very suitable for water sports.

If you want to choose your preferred accommodation,

it is best to book in advance.

Low season: January and February

Although it is low season,

tourists can still enter Sipadan Island

because they are not affected by the monsoon.

There are the most tourists during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Sometimes the weather is sunny and sometimes it rains,

but the impact is not significant.

Water activities can still be arranged.

Travel during holidays or peak times.

Be sure to book accommodation in advance.

Some tourists even book accommodation packages 4-5 months in advance.

Low season: December (restoration period)

To maintain the ecological environment of Sipadan Island,

it will be closed every December for one month.

In this way, the marine environment

and ecology of Sipadan Island will enter a “restoration period.”

This season happens to be the low season,

allowing the marine environment and ecology to “rest”.

In this way, the marine life

and environment of Sipadan Island can be restored naturally without being destroyed.


Sipadan Island is suitable for snorkeling

or diving all year round.

Except for December, Sipadan is a “rest time”.

The best season starts in March

and lasts until November

because Sipadan Island is not affected by the monsoon.

If you don’t like crowds,

you can choose weekdays or low season.

If you like lively and crowded,

you can consider holidays,

peak seasons, etc.


When did you choose to snorkel or dive in Sipadan Island?

Which month do you recommend the most?

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