Sibu Island is a very beautiful island to relax your mind!

You come to Sibu island via ferry boat that comes 2 times a day from Tanjung leman jetty.

Snorkeling is possible right at the beach. 

Let’s find out what packages are available in Sibu Island~

Sibu Island Package

Sibu Island package usually includes meals and accommodation.

For the rest, you can always add on based on your preference.

beach access from rimba sibu resort with palm trees

Optional Add on Items

You need to add boat tickets when booking the package.

For 2 ways boat tickets,the fare can start from RM 120-RM 180 per person.

The package does not include snorkeling activities.

Generally, the price of snorkeling activities may start from RM 80-RM 100 per person.

But it still depends on the resorts you are staying and the itinerary you are having.

Sibu Island Marine Park conservation fees need to be paid before entering the island.

You can purchase travel insurance if you want.

Snorkeling in Sibu Island

Tourists at Sibu Island always love snorkeling.

Snorkeling is suitable for everyone, including children and seniors, even if you can’t swim.

When snorkeling, you will wear a life jacket, and there will be staff to teach you how to use snorkeling equipment.

three men are waving on the beach of sibu island with diving equipment in front of simba resort

Diving in Sibu Island

Diving itinerary requires a diving license.

It’s only for licensed diver,

The price of the diving package will be higher than snorkeling package.

Although the price of the diving package is expensive, it is still worth it in Sibu Island.

Because you get to see  abundant marine lives here.

How many days in Sibu Island?

Personally, I would choose a trip of at least 3 days.

2 days is too short, and there is no way to arrange more activities.

Although the Sibu island is small, 3 days or 4 days is the best choice of staying period.

woman diving in perhentian island sea with yellow fins

Diving course

First, if you are a newbie.

It is recommended that you experience Discovery Scuba Dive.

This course provides you a basic understanding of diving techniques.

The price is about RM180-RM200 per person.

Open Water Course (OWC)

If you want to get a diving license, you can take the PADI Open Water Course(OWC).

This course generally takes at least 4 days to arrange.

This course includes learning theory and piratical exercise of diving skills.

The price will be more than RM 1,000 per person.

guests in backpacker long house diving in mabul island

PADI Advanced Open Water Course (AOW)

If you want to upgrade your diving license, you can take the PADI Advanced Open Water Course (AOW).

This course will improve your deep diving skills.

Other Packages

If you need Honeymoon, marriage proposal or wedding planning, Sibu island is a good choice to you.

Prices vary according to individual requirements.

There will be cakes, flowers, room decoration, etc…


Sibu Island is a beautiful bit of everything but super chill.

It is a nice small island, with snorkeling and diving packages available for tourists.

If you are looking for a calm relaxing environment, Sibu island is your first choice!

beach access in front of sari pacifica beach resort and spa sibu island

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What’s your experience in Sibu Island?

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