Pulau Sibu is a very relaxing place in Johor.

It has Easy access from Tanjung Leman jetty.

The crossing by boat to the small island of Sibu takes about 20 minute.

Sibu Island is little-known, nice, small, and somehow isolated.

It’s best to travel there if your want a great island escape filled with great activities.

Here are some great activities in Sibu Island.

resort reception in rimba resort pulau sibu

Sibu at First Sight 

When you go ashore on the beach at the northern tip of the island, you are immediately amazed by the setting and the atmosphere of the resort.

The guest bungalows are hidden behind the sandy beach between palm trees and lush green vegetation.

There is a well stock bar, great boarding food and best of all, house reef right in front of the resorts in Sibu.

rimba resort beach access to sibu island under blue sky

Visit Sibu Local Village

In Sibu Island, you could go for a round.

The daily walks on the beach offers stunting views.

The walk will take you through the jungle to the other side, then on to the local village.

You could walk through some of the other resorts in Sibu Island, and to the a few jetties to get a different view of other islands.

You will see the school and the local store, where you could stop for a cool drink.

Wading in Sibu

In Sibu Island, you could go wading and climbing through the rocks and found gorgeous sea life.

It would be a special experience for you.

girl in black hair and white dress standing on beach of sibu island

Little Adventure in Sibu

If you want to have a bit more adventure, just walk by the rock formation and sit under a tree or jungle trek to other Resort for a swim and sand play.

Sibu Island is made up of several small island itself. Hike at their jungle leads to another beach!

A breath taking scenery from above. it will worth every climbing. about 10-15 minutes hiking to appreciate this magnificent view.

Night in Sibu

Sibu Island is a quiet island which is never over-crowded.

Sibu Island has very rustic and natural setting, but so relaxing and special, with the waves crashing on the beach to lull you to sleep at night.

lighted bar at night in rimba resort pulau sibu


Sibu Island has good beach, reasonable food and many recreational activities.

It’s an excellent place to relax.

Get a Perfect getaway in Sibu Island for your next vacation! 

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