The surrounding area of ​​Mabul Island is ideal for snorkeling.

You will see much rare marine life.

Each snorkeling site can watch the different marine life.

All snorkeling locations are determined by the resort.

They will arrange snorkeling sites according to the weather conditions of the day.


You can see rare species of marine life up close.

Sometimes, you will see schools of fish swimming in front of you, which is a spectacular scene.

There are many deep dive sites, but they all need to be arranged by the resort.

If you diving or snorkeling on Sipadan Island, you will see tiny marine life and many corals.

The underwater world of Sipadan Island is a favorite diving spot for tourists.

Glass Boat

In recent years, many tourists will rent glass boat on Mabul Island.

Most of the reasons just to want to take pictures and check-in.

I believe you will be fascinated by the photos from netizens~

You can bring the magnificent view of the underwater world to your eyes, and the view you can’t see on the beach.

Kayaking can take you to discover~

Visit the Village on the Island

On the island, passing through residential areas, you will see the lifestyle of the villagers.

During the day, adults need to go fishing or go to work in town.

Therefore, almost everything you will see during this time is a child.

It is very suitable for photography enthusiasts and can take pictures of the daily life of many villagers.

And family travel is also very suitable~

You will see another way of life.

Souvenir/Snack Shop

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There are many small shops in the villages on the island, where you can buy local handicrafts, snacks, etc.

Of course, you can also buy souvenirs for your friends or family~


  1. Enjoy the Beautiful View

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are must-see scenery for island trips.

The endless sea, enjoying the blowing of the sea breeze, is the most relaxing time~