Semporna is a county in Tawau Province, Sabah.

Semporna is a small fishing village,

a small town, not an island.

If you want to set off to Mabul Island,

Before entering the island,

you need to arrive at Semporna’s jetty.


Except for Mabul Island

You can also stay in Semporna for 2 nights.

Purchase a snorkeling package on the second day.

You can choose from three routes.


Mabul Island (Mabul Island) is not as lively as the town of Semporna,

it is not so commercial.

Semporna is a developed city,

there are many restaurants,

hotels, etc., which is more convenient.


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The jetty is the same,

they all depart from the Semporna jetty

and use speedboats.

It takes about 45 minutes by boat

from Semporna Jetty to Mabul Island,

Pom Pom Island, or Kapalai Island.

If you go to Mataking Island,

the boat ride is estimated to take 60 minutes.

It takes about 35 minutes by boat to reach BoheyDulang Island.


For the Mabul Island package,

you can snorkel near Mabul Island or Kapalai Island.

You can also purchase Sipadan Island Package directly.

The resort or travel agency can process the permit to enter Sipadan Island.

If you choose the Semporna package.

There are three routes.

These routes are the most classic and common.

Route 1 is Sibuan Island, Gaya Island,

BoheyDulang Island/Mantabuan Island.

The second route is Mataking and Timba Timba Island.

The third route is Mabul Island and Kapalai Island.

For the introduction of the route,

please refer to <Semporna Island Hopping Route Introduction link>


Backpackers on Marble Island,

economic floating houses, or luxury floating houses.

Accommodation conditions in Semporna Town will be better than those on the island.

Hotel or homestay prices are economic prices.

Accommodations in Semporna are usually air-conditioned,

while some accommodations on Mabul Island are not equipped with air-conditioning.


The Mabul Island package will be more cost-effective than the Semporna package.

Because the Mabul Island package already includes meals,

and the Semporna package usually does not include breakfast or dinner.

However, the price is reasonable

and you can enjoy fresh seafood every day in Semporna.


If you want to experience life on the island,

you can consider Mabul Island.

If you want to snorkel or climb mountains on different routes,

you can choose the Semporna package.


Semporna Package and Mabul Island Package,

Which one would you choose?

If you have more experience or information,

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