Sipadan-Mabul Resort is a really cool place to stay in Mabul Island, its abbreviation is “SMART.”

It’s a wonderful place for people who love nature and diving.

This article will take you on a detailed journey through the enchanting Sipadan-Mabul Resort.


Sipadan Mabul Resort is located in the beautiful Celebes Sea,

close to the famous islands of Sipadan and Mabul in Malaysia.


How to get to Sipadan-Mabul Resort?

First, you will enjoy a short 45-minute domestic flight from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau.

Or you can take a 3-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau.

About air line, you can choose between Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia.

When you arrive in Tawau, an air-conditioned van will be waiting to take you on a 1-hour drive to Semporna Jetty.

Finally, you’ll hop on a speedboat for an exciting 45-minute ride to Mabul Resort.

1. Cozy Cottages

Their accommodations are all Standalone Chalets.

There are 25 of these chalets on the beach inSipadan-Mabul Resort.

22 Standalone Chalets (16 units twin-bed and 6 units double bed) (built up size 22X28ft),

and 3 Suite Chalets (double bed – built up size 28X31ft and 34X34ft).

Sipadan-Mabul Resort can host up to 50 people at once.

sipadan mabul resort chalet

These chalets are made using materials from the area, which is called Borneo,

and they’re designed to be eco-friendly, which means they’re good for nature.

2. Facility in the Chalet

Each chalet in Sipadan-Mabul Resort has its own little porch where you can sit and relax.

There are also screens to keep mosquitoes away, which is handy.

Both Standalone Chalets and Suite Chalets are with private balconies and one room each with attached showers/toilets.

Plus, if it gets too hot, you can turn on the air conditioner to stay cool.

You can watch some TV channels, keep drinks in a mini fridge,

and even have a safe place for your important stuff.

sipadan mabul resort chalet inside

So, staying in one of these chalets at Sipadan-Mabul Resort means you get to enjoy nature,

and have a comfy place to sleep with all these cool extras.


The electrical outlet is like British plugs, providing 220 Volt AC, 50 cycles electricity 24/7.

You can get free WiFi in your room, just ask at the front desk.

Sipadan-Mabul Resort features a 41-ft X 21-ft vinyl swimming pool with a 6-ft deep end,

a Jacuzzi Whirlpool for 4-6 people,

and a spacious dining hall/bar for meals, socializing, dancing, and staff shows.


You can buy coconut drinks, juices, soft drinks, beer, and wine at the resort bar and jetty bar.

Sipadan-Mabul Resort has a little shop with T-shirts, batteries, and souvenirs.

A Technical Diving Center (SMART-Tec) offers various services such as Nitrox Air and Certification

An office takes care of the registration and billing;

It is equipped with a satellite telephone for communications with the mainland.

5.Friendly Staff

The staff in Sipadan-Mabul Resort who take you diving and snorkeling are super friendly.

They know all about the sea and can show you the coolest stuff!

sipadan mabul resort restaurant

6.Yummy Food

Sipadan-Mabul Resort has delicious food at the resort.

They serve a variety of delicious food in buffet style.

You can enjoy Chinese, Asian, and Western cuisine.

Plus, once a week, Sipadan-Mabul Resort has a fun BBQ dinner!

Also, if you have any special dietary needs or if you’re a vegan,

please tell Sipadan-Mabul Resort in advance so they can prepare the right food for you.

They make sure you’re well-fed during your stay.


So, if you love the ocean, colorful fish, and want to have an adventure with your family or as a couple,

Sipadan-Mabul Resort is the perfect place for you!

Sipadan-Mabul Resort is like a cozy little house right by the sea. You can wake up to the sound of waves and go to sleep with the gentle sea breeze.

You’ll have a blast exploring underwater, playing on the beach,

staying in comfy chalets, eating yummy food,

and making awesome new friends.

Sipadan-Mabul Resort is like a dream come true for anyone who loves nature and the sea. 🐠🏝️🌅

girl sunset sipadan mabul resort