Semporna is famous and known in the global tourist map due to the abundant marine life.

Sipadan Island is one of the top 10 diving sites in the whole world. 

And you will need to pass through Semporna Jetty to go to those terrific Sabah islands.

Some people will stay in Semporna Town for a night before leaving for the dive next morning or before heading back to the airport at the end of their semporna trip.

There are numerous hotels and homestays at reasonable prices in Semporna town. 

semporna kapalai resort balcony woman lying

Semporna Town Resort

  1. Low Range ( RM 400+ per person)
  • Sense Residence
  • Sipadan Inn I
  • Sipadan Inn II
  • Sipadan Inn III
  1. Mid Range (RM 520+ per person)
  • Wave View Hotel
  • Cooldive Boutique Hotel
  • Seafest Hotel
  1. Floating House (RM 570+ per person)
  • Dragon Inn Floating Resort

In the previous article, we introduced the first 4 Budget Hotels in Semporna Town.

This article continues to introduce the other 4 medium-priced Hotels in Semporna Town.

5. Wave View Hotel

wave view hotel semporna town double room interior


Hotel rooms are comfortable, tidy and clean.

It is a modern, clean hotel in the semporna town

The rooms are air-conditioned.

Basic facilities are available including comfy beds, a wardrobe, some extra mirrors, a desk, kettle, tea, coffee and internet.

The view from the balcony room is excellent, especially the sea view rooms on the 3rd floor.


The hotel is very comfortable and easy access to semporna town

the hotel is perfectly located in semporna town and in close distance to everything.

only a 2-minute walk to semporna jetty


Plenty of good seafood restaurants nearby the hotel

There’s a delicious Malay restaurant right beside it.

The food is actually pretty good for breakfast. 

The Staff are very helpful and friendly.

6. Cooldive Boutique Hotel 

cool dive hotel semporna town twin room interior

Dive Shop & Accommodation  

The hotel itself is also a dive shop offering island hopping tours. 

It is very convenient to stay in the Cool Diving Hotel to get a diving certificate.

The hotel is very new and the environment is also very good.

The first floor is the reception desk and lobby, the second floor is the teaching room, and the third floor is the guest room. 


Hotel is cleaned diligently every day.

The room is very clean and spacious, equipped with a small independent balcony in the open air with drying rods and hangers. 

So you can dry clothes there.

Sitting on the balcony for supper and chatting is wonderful.

You can sit and watch the stars at night, and listen to music.


You can contact the staff in advance to arrange a pick-up from and to tawau airport.

They would help you get a taxi if you want.

The staff in the day tour and the shop are very good and friendly. 

You could dive with the coaches to study diving every day, after returning from tours, everyone would drink, chat and listen to music in front of the store. 

semporna sipadan tourists diving underwater

Dive Team

They have their own snorkeling and deep diving team, and hotel can issue the diving certificate. You can sign up for an OW diving course directly in the store.

It is very suitable for tourists who come to dive.

The cool dive atmosphere is particularly good, The coaches are very professional.responsible. The instructor was very attentive. 

They Help you take pictures, no matter diving or snorkeling.

You will meet serious and responsible bosses and coaches in terms of diving.

 The professional team in the hotel will follow to make the whole trip fun and safe. 


There is no breakfast in the hotel, but there are many breakfast shops, western restaurants near by, and the Indonesian-flavored Su Shai series next door is really delicious and hygienic

The location of the dive shop is only a ten-minute walk  from the semorna pier. and if you take a taxi  or grab to the jetty, it’s only for RM 4.

If you think The hotel in the semporna town is too noisy, the surrounding environment of this hotel is best for you. 

It is relatively quiet, but convenient enough.

The environment is quiet at night and best suitable for people who want a good sleep. 

7.  Seafest Hotel 

seafest hotel semporna town family triple room


hotel’s slogan as the “first business hotel in Semporna”.

It is also the biggest hotel in semporna located at the seaside.

The rooms are quite spacious and the bathroom was clean.

They have a private pool, pools are also nice and children would  really enjoy it when staying there.


The hotel is in a good location and easy to walk everywhere.

Just a 2 minute walk to Semporna jetty and 5 minutes walk to the city shops area and local fresh products market.

Location of the hotel is right at the end of a street so it was quiet. 

5-10 minutes walk to town centre where all the tour operators for diving/snorkeling trips and eateries are.

The hotel is situated near a small shopping mall with supermarket 

Sea View

Seafest Hotel is next to the beautiful sea view. There’s a jetty nearby.

Very near to the jetty so it’s a great place for tourists who just returned from their island trips. 

You can see pom pom island as well from in front of the hotel

Nice view from the hotel room, Sea view is very beautiful from the window.

So if you come back to Semporna town from island hopping you can stop at Seafest jetty and then stay here. 

seafest hotel semporna town seaview side of the building


Thier receptionist is nice and makes you feel welcoming.


it’s easy to find variety of food especially seafood, There are good seafood nearby at reasonable prices.

In front of Hotel have restaurant such KFC,PIZZA,TEATIME and STARBUCKS!

There’s several restaurants nearby Seafest, 2 seafood restaurants, 1 muslim restaurant run by Indian owner and scuba diving shop that sells scuba and snorkeling gear.

Breakfast also nice and have variety food to choose

8. Dragon Inn Floating Resort 

dragon inn floating resort semporna vip room interior

Floating Chalet

Dragon inn is an Unique floating hotel.

The oldest floating accommodation at Semporna town. 

I like the way the owner set up this building,.it is traditionally designed by locals

Dragon inn chalet is beside the semporna jetty and its wooden floating room give u unique experience.

feel like in the middle of the ocean. You can hear the water waving and The jetty for a boat before departing for island hopping. 


The room was clean with air con, TV, comfortable beds

Rooms are spacious, clean and made of wood!

Its looks nice, with wood wall cover, some are separated and others are joint..

inside your room you could see the sea underneath the floor because it is made out of wood.

you can see many kinds of fish below the wood floor.

They have karaoke in the middle of the hotel till midnight.

They also had spa , restaurant and mini shop

dragon inn floating resort semporna twin room


since it is located in the center on Semporna town. It is also take only a few steps to reach the jetty and the night market.

All the tours on the surrounding Islands leave from Dragon inn, so the position is absolutely perfect!

Hote is Easy to find and near all the activities

It is close to many tour operators offering day tours to the many islands to do fishing, snorkelling, diving, etc. 

It is also an easy short 5 min walk to restaurants and supermarkets.

Hotel near local seafood restaurants and Giant supermarket .

semporna timba timba island woman snorkeling


The above are top 4 popular mid-range priced accommodations in semporna town.

They are all at a good and convenient location.

Wave view is a  newly built hotel with a great view, it’s nice and clean.

Cool dive dive shop plus accommodation, they have island hopping tours and a professional diving team.

Seafest hotel is the first business hotel and also the biggest hotel in semporna town.

Dragon inn is a nice floating hotel close to the jetty and near to the market.


Have you been to any semporna hotel above?

please comment and share your experience with us~