Should choose to live in a town or an island?

First of all, you need to be clear about what you want.

You can decide according to the accommodation conditions

and the environment.

The following is the easiest way to clarify the difference between the town of Semporna and the accommodation on the island~


The environment of the town is more complicated and lively.

The environment of the island is relatively quiet,

and some islands have no villages.


Although the area of ​​Semporna is small,

there are many seafood restaurants,

hotels, grocery stores, Watsons, etc.

The scope of the island is limited.

There is no restaurant choice.

Some islands may only have 1-3 resorts.

Accommodation conditions

The town has convenient accommodation

and good accommodation conditions.

Affordable accommodation on the island

with medium accommodation conditions.

The luxury resorts on the island provide high-quality services

and good accommodation conditions.


Living in the town,

you can arrange day trips for snorkeling,

diving, etc., or sightseeing in Semporna Town.

Living on an island, activities are limited,

you can have leisure time such as snorkeling or diving.


Choose the Semporna package

and stay in town.

There will be snorkeling routes,

all of which are day trips.

You can snorkel, dive

or visit different islands.

Choose an island package

and stay on the island.

Snorkeling, snorkeling, etc.

will be carried out on or near the island.


If you like lively,

you can consider staying in the town.

You can also take a day trip in the town.

It is recommended that you choose accommodation in the town when choosing an island-hopping package,

which is convenient and close to nearby islands.

If you like a peaceful environment,

please consider staying on the island.

Suitable for vacation and leisure life.

Island hopping package is not suitable for choosing island accommodation.

Assuming you travel from Mabul Island to BoheyDulang Island,

this is not recommended,

because it will waste your travel time.


Would you choose Semporna town or island accommodation?

Let us know in the comment section below~