Madang Island is a private island.

It consists of Big Mataking Island

and Small Mataking Island.

When low tide, you will see a long white beach.

The two islands are two kilometers apart at high tide.

There are no villages on the island,

and non-residents cannot enter to the island.

You can enjoy leisure life on the island.

The environment is relatively quiet

and not that complicated.

The main means of transportation on the island is by boat.

In the ocean world here,

you can see a lot of corals,

different kinds of fish, etc.


Mataking Island is close to Pom Pom Island

and Timba Timba Island.

If it is Semporna Island Hopping Package,

this route will go to Mataking Island,

Pom Pom Island, or Timba Timba Island.

The boat trip between the islands is about 15-20 minutes.

It depends on the weather and wave conditions of the day.

Mataking Island Jetty Address

Taman Bandar Semporna,

91308 Semporna, Sabah

Google Map:

Semporna Jetty To Mataking Island

It takes about 60 minutes by boat from Semporna Jetty to Mataking Island.

Use speedboat.

The boat trip to Mataking Island will take more time than other islands.

The package will include ferry tickets.

Boat Schedule

There is only one resort on the island,

and there are 2-3 boat times for you to choose from.

Table In

Table Out

Suggested flight time/boat time

The arrival time is before 9 AM.

It is recommended to arrange a 10.30 AM boat to enter the island.

The arrival time is after 10 AM,

it is recommended to arrange a 3.00 PM boat to enter Mataking Island.

The exact boat time needs to be determined according to the resort’s schedule.

You can also refer to this <Mabul Island Suggested flight Time Link>

Other Information

The package does not include jetty fees or tourism tax.

Both of these fees are levied by the government.

The tourism tax only applies to foreign tourists.

The jetty fees for Malaysians are RM 2 per person,

and the jetty fees for foreigners are RM 10 per person.

Foreigners need to pay a tourism tax when they check-in.

The tourist tax is RM 10 per room per night.

All prices are for reference only and should ultimately be based on actual prices at the time.

How to get to Mataking Island?


Probably the most annoying thing when arranging the itinerary should be arranging transportation~

You will consider where to depart,

how to get to the jetty, etc.

This article briefly describes how to arrange transportation to the jetty.

<Semporna Transport Information link>


If you are departing from Kuala Lumpur,

you only need to purchase a direct ticket to Tawau Airport.

However, if you are departing from another place,

you may need to arrange a transfer flights to reach Tawau Airport.

You can search directly on Google

or the websites of airlines and other platforms.

You can know the price or route etc.


Mataking Island is composed of big

and small Mataking Islands.

When low tide,

you can see the long white beach and stroll to the island.

The departure jetty of Mataking Island is the same as the other islands of Semporna,

and they all depart from the Semporna jetty.

If you don’t know how to choose the flight time or boat time,

you can refer to No.4.

If you want to arrive one night earlier,

you can consider staying overnight in Semporna Town.

You can feel the living customs of the locals and so on.

You can also have more time to relax.

No need to rush the whole journey.


There are many hotels near the jetty.

The location is very convenient.

Many restaurants, grocery stores

and pharmacies are nearby.


Do you like Mataking Island?

Would you choose to visit here again?

You can leave a message in the comments to let us know~