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Lang Tengah is an Amazing place that everyone must visit once.

It is also the filming location of the Hong Kong movie “Love You You”.

Here are some common asked questions about Lang Tengah Island.


Can I go Lang Tengah by flight?

Yes, you can arrange your transport to Merang jetty by flight.

Then you need take speedboat to get into  Lang Tengah.

It is recommended to arrange early arrival flight to Kuala Terengganu.

Because there is only one schedule to Lang Tengah Island.

If you choose to arrive Kuala Terengganu at noon, you need to stay at the Terengganu Town for one night.

And  check in to Lang Tengah Island the next morning.


What is the boat schedule of Lang Tengah?

The earliest boat is the best choice to get to Lang Tengah Island.

Most of the resorts have a fixed timetable of boat trasnfer.

You could check the boat schedule when you purchase Lang Tengah package.

<Jetty information link>


What are the Itinerary in Lang Tengah?

You could ask for Itinerary when you buy the package.

The activities included depends on the package you choose.

Such as Lang Tengah 3D2N snorkeling package, or Lang Tengah 4D3N diving package.

As you can see in title, here are snorkeling or diving activities included.

You will get the detailed itinerary from hotel reception when you check in.


Are there parking lots near Merang Jetty?

You are welcome to drive to Lang Tengah jetty.

There are parking lots near jetty.

It is safe enough with charges about RM10 to RM20 per night.


How do I get to Merang Jetty after flight arrival?

You can purchase the transfer service together with Lang Tengah package.

The transfer from KT airport to Merang jetty can be added on to it.

Or you could take Grab or Taxi after arriving at Kuala Terengganu airport.



What kinds of packages are available fore Lang Tengah?

There are difference packages in Lang Tengah.

You better choose full board package which includes boat transfer, meals, accommodation and activities altogether.

There are snorkeling, diving or breakfast with room packages.


What is the best season to visit Lang Tengah island?

Lang Tengah Island is closed in monsoon season.

The resorts will be closed from November to January each year.

You are recommend to visit Lang Tengah on March to October.


What are the difference of rooms in one resort?

The cheapest room type is called quad room.

It means four people stay in one room, there will be 2 queen beds in the room.

You won’t share room with strangers.

If your group consists of three people, you could have to take triple room.

The quantity of people in each room need match with the room capacity.

For example, if you are of two people travelling together, you cannot take quad room or triple room.

Twin or double room is good for you.


What resorts are in Lang Tengah island?

There are 3 to 4 resorts on the Lang Tengah.

<link resort list>

You could do research about resorts from internet, such as Google review or trip advisor.


Where can I buy Lang Tengah package?

You can buy the package from resort itself or travel agency.

You can compare the prices between them and make a decision.

Make sure the travel agency you are paying is legitimate and reliable.

Remember to go to this <Matta check licensed link> to check if it is a legitimate travel company.


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