There are many reasons to like Mataking Island.

The scenery of Mataking Island

and the underwater world will fascinate you~

Reason 1: Environment

There is only one resort on Mataking Island.

There are no residents on the island.

The environment on Mataking Island is peaceful.

Very suitable for relaxation,

honeymoon trips, family trips, etc.

Reason 2: Resort

The decoration style of the resort is elegant and atmospheric.

You can enjoy the view from the open-air sea-view balcony.

The invincible sea view is just around the corner.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Reason 3: Service

During your stay, you can enjoy quality service.

One island, one resort.

In the low season,

when the number of tourists decreases,

you will feel like you are on your private island.

Reason 4: seawater

The water quality of the sea is quite good.

The sea in Mataking Island is emerald-colored,

and many tourists call it the glass sea.

Reason 5: Take pictures

The most famous photography location in recent years.

The swing hanging on the sea allows you to take beautiful photos without filters.

Reason 6: Long white sand beach

Only at low tide,

you can see the long white sandy beach.

Because this long white sand beach is composed of two islands.

The “sand bridge” is formed by big and small Mataking islands.

At high tide, the two islands are half a kilometer apart.

Reason 7: Underwater Post Office

There are only 5 underwater post offices in the world,

one of which is located on Mataking Island.

The diver can put the postcard in the mailbox

and send it to your family or friends.

Reason 8: Turtle Hatchery

In some areas, there will be turtle eggs.

After the sea turtle breaks free from the shell,

it will return to the ocean at a specific time.

For turtle release activities,

you can ask the resort counter upon arrival.