There are too many islands in Semporna, which one should we choose?

Today will share the reasons for choosing Mabul Island~

I mainly sorted out four reasons for choosing Mabul Island, you can refer to it~

Water House

If you want economy and want a water house, then consider Mabul Island!

Although economical water houses are not more luxurious than resorts, the scenery is also very beautiful.

This is a worthwhile experience!

It is close to “God’s Aquarium”

Sipadan Island

Since Sipadan Island has no accommodation, tourists can only choose to spend the night on nearby islands.

Mabul Island is the first choice.

Because Mabul Island only takes 15 minutes by boat to reach Sipadan Island.

Value Package

With the Mabul Island package, you can snorkel on both islands.

You can snorkel on Mabul Island and Kapalai Island.

You can spend the 3-day trip very fulfilling.

Explore the underwater world of two islands~

Visit the Village

There is a village inhabited by residents on the island.

The whole island is half a village and half a resort.

In the village, you can see many local children playing outside or kayaking across the sea.

You can use the camera to capture the current scene.


Some tourists say that the environment of Mabul Island is a bit complicated, but some tourists say that they like the atmosphere of Mabul Island very much.

Although the place of Mabul Island is not perfect, you can see many tourists visiting in recent years, which proves that the charm of Mabul Island cannot be underestimated.

If you have not been to Mabul Island, you can consider arranging a 3-day itinerary.

Give yourself a chance to experience and explore the charm of Mabul Island.


Have you been to Mabul Island?

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