Koh Lipe Island is an amazingly beautiful island, for the crystal clear sea water, the scenery and snorkeling spots around.

It can be accessed through Langkawi Kuah Jetty or Hat Yai Pakbara Jetty .

There are three main beaches on Koh Lipe Island.

They are Sunset Beach (west), Sunrise Beach (east), and Pattaya Beach (south).

Each of these 3 beaches has its own beauty, and all of three beaches’ view and environment are superb.

This article mainly introduces the difference among these 3 most beaches in Koh Lipe.

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Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is the most popular beach among 3 beaches in Koh Lipe .

It’s also the largest beach on Koh Lipe Island.

Pattaya Beach is the most happening beach, with many resorts, restaurants, bars, message centers, long tail boats and tourists.

It’s location is very convenient, very close to the jetty and walking street.

There are many resort choices.

In Peak and High Season,  of Koh Lipe, resorts in Pattaya beach are one after another, tons of people and boats on Pattaya Beach.

Sunset views from the Pattaya Beach are unmissable.

It’s a good place for sunset viewing while hang out on the Pattaya Beach.

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Pattaya Beach is quite long and there are some clubs on beach road. It is the most gatherings and nightlife venues.

The view of the Pattaya Beach in the evening from a rooftop bar is really nice.

Pattaya Beach is best if you want to have a lively trip with your friends or families in Koh Lipe.

You could find all kinds of Accommodation in Koh Lipe in Pattaya Beach.

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Sunrise Beach

You will loved the Sunrise Beach the most for its white sandy beach and beautiful turquoise water.

It has long white sandy beach, nice clean beach, soft sand.

With white sand and perfect clear water, it’s best for snorkeling in the Sunrise Beach.

Sunrise Beach is very close to Koh Lipe walking street.

It has moderate amount of restaurants and shops, long tail boats around.

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Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a peaceful and laid-back small beach in Koh Lipe.

It’s not as developed as Sunrise Beach and Pattaya Beach.

Sunset Beach is a rather deserted beach in Koh Lipe. compare to the other two.

The white sand, light blue water and the sound of waves are so relaxing. So it is suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Better coral reefs snorkel with a lot of tropical fish and even turtles.

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Sunset Beach has beautiful view of sunset.

Not many accommodation options in Sunset Beach.

There are fewer long tail boat, fewer restaurants and bars at night.

It’s located at the end of Koh Lipe walking street, so you need some walks to reach happening stores and bars.

Come to Sunset Beach in Koh Lipe if you want to see true beautiful Thailand with less touristy.

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Koh Lipe is a cool place to hang out with friends, family, groups.

It has lovely accommodation and night life is amazing.

Pattaya Beach will be most happening with lots options in resorts and restaurants.

Sunrise Beach is best for snorkeling, and the night life is lively.

Sunset Beach is with fewer choices of resort or restaurants, but with is relatively more peaceful.

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