Compared with other islands,

Mataking Island has no other accommodation options.

There is only one resort on the island.


The resort is a luxury type.

Prices start from RM 1.7k per person.

All accommodations at Mataking Island The Reef Dive Resort are beach villas,

gardens or villas.

There are no floating houses on the island.

Mataking Island The Reef Dive Resort

3.5 star resort.

The overall rating of tourists is very high.

The package price is expensive.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning,

private balconies and more.

There are sea view rooms, suites, family rooms, etc.

The excellent coral and reeffish location for snorkellling

The room was big, clean and nicely furnished.

Food Tasty

Very friendly and professional staff.


Mataking Island = One Island One Resort

There are no floating houses in the resort.

Non-residents cannot enter the island.

The package price is also worth it.

You can enjoy quality service.

Package in Mataking Island

4D3N OR 3D2N?

4D3N means four days and three nights,

and 3D2N means three days and two nights.

Three days and two nights (3D2N) is an ideal itinerary.

Because if you are a student or worker,

you do not need to apply for too many holidays.

You can choose to leave on the Friday of the weekend.

Arrived directly on the island that day.

This is also a good way.

Three days will provide you with enough time to relax

and keep in touch with family and friends.


If you can arrange a longer vacation,

then 4 days is right for you.

Within 4 days, you can arrange more activities

or have more time to spend a leisurely life on the island.

The plane will arrive directly at Tawau Airport,

and then take a taxi to the Semporna Ferry Terminal.

It will be close to noon when it arrives at Mataking Island.

Most activities will be scheduled on the second day.

It took about half a day to transport and check-in.

Therefore, you must arrange a trip of at least 3 days to have the opportunity to explore the underwater world of Mataking Island.


Three days is the most ideal itinerary.

If you are planning a short trip,

then a three-day itinerary is for you.

However, if you feel rushed,

you can consider a four-day or longer trip.

You can slow down the pace of life

and enjoy the leisurely life on the island.

Snorkeling OR Diving?

There is no age limit for snorkeling.

If you can’t swim,

you can also snorkel.

Equipment will be provided when snorkeling,

and a life jacket will ensure your safety

and float on the water.


Diving has certain requirements.

You need to have a diving certificate to purchase a diving package.

Therefore, the minimum requirement is to have an OWC certificate.


Snorkeling is suitable for everyone.

Not being able to swim is not a problem.

Diving is suitable for divers who hold a diving certificate.

Without a diving certificate,

it is not possible to purchase any diving package.

Diving Course

The resort also offers diving courses.

The most basic courses are OWC and AOW.

What is OWC?

OWC is an abbreviation.

The full name is Open Water Course.

This course is for beginner divers to obtain a diving certificate.

This course requires at least 4 days.

It is recommended that you choose the 5-day package

because it is not recommended to take an airplane within 24 hours after the deep dive.

These courses include knowledge development,

confined water skills practice, and open water courses.

This course requires passing an exam to obtain an OWC certificate.

The cost of this course starts at RM 1.2K per person.

What is AOW?

AOW is an abbreviation.

The full name is Advance Open Water Course.

This is the advanced version of the dive course.

This course requires at least 3 days.

For the same reasons as OWC,

it is recommended that you choose a 4-day package.

This course requires an OWC certificate to get AOW.

This includes:-

* 5 modules for self-study of diving theory

* 3 diving (deep diving, diving,

multi-level diving, underwater naturalist diving)

* 2 shore diving (navigation diving, night diving)

Course fees start from RM 1.6K.


OWC is the key to unlock the underwater world.

Suitable for novice divers to obtain a diving certificate.

AOW can improve your skills and confidence.

Applicable to divers who have obtained OWC certificates.

Honeymoon Package

Sometimes there are promotion honeymoon packages on Mataking Island.

The package will include meals, accommodation, etc.

Special packages include massage, candlelight dinner,

room decoration, airport shuttle, etc.

It can be said to be a one-stop service.

When you arrive at the airport,

you don’t need to worry about how to get to the island.

The package has been arranged.

You and your love only need to enjoy this whole journey~

The price of the package starts at RM 3k per person.

For more information,

you can ask the resort or travel agency.

Other Information

The above packages are the most basic.

You need to arrange your transportation to the airport or jetty,

and then follow the package itinerary.

If you don’t like group travel,

it’s not so difficult to arrange the trip by yourself~

After purchasing the package,

bring your luggage and just arrange transportation to Semporna.

The cost can also be estimated.

Assuming the cost of one person (from Kuala Lumpur):

air ticket (RM 260) + round-trip taxi transportation (RM 100)

+ package (RM 1.7K) = RM 2060 (estimated cost)

If there are a large number of people,

the cost of a round trip taxi may be less than RM100.

All prices are estimates,

so you can estimate the cost of the entire trip.

Mataking Island package includes meals,

round-trip ferry tickets, etc.

Therefore, there is nothing to spend on the island.

Unless you have arranged other activities or massage etc.


If you have been to Mataking Island,

you can share your journey cost and itinerary with us~

Just leave a comment in the comment area below!