The season on Pom Pom Island is you can travel all year round.

March to October is the most suitable season for travel.

The number of tourists from January to February

or November to December is relatively less.

But if it is a holiday,

it must be the super peak season.

When is the best season?

March to October is the most suitable season for travel.

The weather at this time is the most beautiful.

It rarely rains.

January to February is less tourist travel.

This may be due to factors such as the approaching school opening.

From November to December,

there will be more rainy days.

But it still depends on the weather.

Although there are more rainy days,

water activities will not have much impact.

Peak Season

If you like lively or crowded.

You can consider travel during holidays or peak seasons.

For example, during the Spring Festival,

the local “color boat festival” or large festivals.

Low Season

There are lively seasons,

and of course, there are quiet seasons~

It can also be said to be the low season.

January to February

or November to December is the less tourist season.

But you should avoid choosing to go on holiday.

Package Price

Due to the peak season,

most package prices will not change.

Some resorts will charge a surcharge on certain dates or holidays.

Usually, the surcharge will be calculated based on per head per night.

Need to book the resort in advance?

I believe that many people will ask this question.

You need to book in advance,

especially when you choose to travel during the lively season.

You will not be able to imagine that Pom Pom Island is very popular during the peak season.

Sometimes, even book the accommodation half a month in advance,

it may not be available.

This situation has happened on many islands.


Do you want to go to Pom Pom Island in a lively season or a quiet season?

If you have been to Pom Pom Island,

you can share with us which months you have traveled and the weather conditions~

Please leave us a message in the comment area below~