The Malaysian islands will be affected by the monsoon.

Therefore, it is not allowed to enter the island

from November of each year.

But the islands of Sabah are not on the list.

They are not affected by the monsoon,

Therefore, tourists can still enter Mabul Island in November.

June to September

The most visited season

This is also the best time to travel.

It is usually sunny.

This season will not affect water activities,

snorkeling or diving, etc.

The package price will not have much impact,

some resorts will charge additional fees during major holidays.

You need to book this season’s accommodation in advance.

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March to May, October to November

The number of tourists will not decrease.

Peak season is the second-best choice.

Same as super peak season.

Suitable for water activities.

Snorkeling or diving can see a lot of marine life.

The same price.

Unless it is a holiday,

additional fees may apply.

Accommodation must be booked in advance,

in case you cannot book your favorite resort.

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December to February

There are fewer tourists.

But during the holidays,

the room quickly fills up.

If you are traveling on a holiday,

the safest thing is to book 8 weeks in advance.

There was a lot of rain at the end of the month.

But this is not affected by the monsoon.

This season, you can still go snorkeling

and other water activities.


The best season for Mabul Island can be the super peak season

or the peak season.

If you want a season with fewer tourists,

you can choose the low season.

Although it is low season,

there are many people on holiday~

Depending on the season,

most resorts on Mabul Island do not charge different fees.

The package price is uniform.

Want to book a resort that you like,

remember to book 8 weeks in advance.

In which month do you want to travel? why?

Share with us in the comments below~

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